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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bubble-and-Bust Babbler As New Team Fraud Tool

Proving the increasing difficulty of covering up the stench of old garbage by piling on copious quantities of new garbage, the U.S. dreamweaver-in-chief evidently is being tasked to the dual mandate of talking down interest rates while paving the way for the next, bigger round of fascist austerity. What else could explain a U.S. president presiding over a still collapsing global physical economy and a financial economy in far worse shape than at the depths of the Great Depression, imploring the dream world he calls a "broad recovery" not be smashed by "the bubble-and-bust mentality that created this mess”?

The greater question here, though, is how soon before the rest of the world figures out talk of Fed tapering and concern over "artificial bubbles" simply is doublespeak for "send us your poor, tired masses of hot money before the U.S. dollar is no longer suitable for wiping ass"?

Must we be the ones to tell this president that, the seditious monsters who prop him up positively need increasingly larger busts, that their scamming for "assets" suitable for sustaining the illusion of solvency continue apace? Or might today's bond market message reading, "bubble-and-bust babble fail" rather do the trick?

In all fairness we should rather recognize hyperinflation-induced, upward pressure on interest rates is a clarion call demanding further destruction of the U.S. Treasury imposed on an administration with a well-worn slave mentality, which reality is far more threatening than any modern-day, deflowered tulip bubble could ever prove. How do we know this? Good god, just look around!

Is there anything being done to aggressively marshal credit for employing the idle resources of countless municipalities whose tax bases are collapsing and threatening insolvency to a broadening number of them? No! Is the federal government's sequester being rolled back now that tax revenues generated by a massively overvalued, hyperinflated financial economy are on the mend? No! Has there been any proposal for modifying the tax code such that equity, rather than debt, is more favorably treated? No! Has there been any widely concerted move to impose a modest 1% tax on a parasitical derivatives market with a trillions of dollars per day turnover, such that current, dollar-denominated debt structures are more assuredly supported? No!

Let's face facts, then. "Bust" is the intention, and the principal purpose of a U.S. president babbling about a "bubble-and-bust" economy with absolutely no policy put forward over his five years in office venturing to reverse this well-entrenched dynamic solely is to perpetuate the very thing he otherwise claims to be fighting. Therefore, if anyone in Congress should agree with the president's thinking, then plainly the first thing that need be done to meet his stated intention is seize the Fed—nationalize it—and force every smooth talking marionette whose largest constituency is a bankrupt Team Fraud to commit to attacking the "bubble-and-bust" economy at its very source, which is the Federal Reserve King Ponzi (Greenspan) built.

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