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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Snow Cone Sucking Eskimos

All the way around today's loss was not as technically damaging as we otherwise might have expected, given a gap lower at the open and a persistent downdraft into today's close. Technical damage done on August 15th was objectively worse than today's, and this with rising energy prices not quite as threatening as was today's crude oil ramp.

So, with the main prop to an insolvent banking system made a bit sturdier today (this being an energy market imposing a back door tax increasing the banking system's cash flows, as well as providing a stabilizer to the U.S. dollar's exchange rate value)—the likes being all the more buttressed by bellicose Venetian puppets whose al Qaeda pets keep barking for protection, as if on command—while Team Fraud media tools furiously confuse their intended victims (which today were neither Syrians, nor Russians, but rather the casino's most naively trusting patrons) who like Eskimos in December consume cherry snow cones amidst a blinding blizzard freezing them in place while thieves steal their whale blubber, thus did today's drubbing at the bottom rung of the capital structure evidently pay for the thieves' masks.

Of course, such costly aid given a hopelessly insolvent banking system cannot go on indefinitely, as the effect increases resentment toward "the man" who demands evermore sacrifice in both blood and treasure, and so pushes the masses ever nearer the moment these finally come to their senses and in unison shriek, "Seize the Fed!"

The question we have to ask ourselves right now is whether the U.S. Treasury is vulnerable enough to be promptly threatened and made perfectly prostrate to wretched thieves who threaten a calamity not at all in their power to impose without challenge—a second Great Depression—this to detract from a most desirable and necessary restructuring requiring formation of a national bank whose credit creating capacity will be needed to fill the gaping hole no gaggle of bankrupt albatrosses could possibly cover even if they were willing. Or must the enterprise seeking the unwitting destruction of the United States in practice (assuming this is not already accomplished in fact) first bring to climax its satanic ritual pitting Muslim against Christian, then all against Jew, doing this by blowing up the Middle East one nation at a time (which task already is largely completed), and so ready an expanding conflagration that, in rapid succession would venture to keep snow cone sucking Eskimos both blinded and frozen while the last of their treasure is stolen, right down to the lives of their own children?

Both options clearly are on the table. For the time being, though, we might side with the first, and thankfully, as the latter option already has many cracks exposing just how weak today's oligarchy really is. Yet to celebrate this fact could prove a fatal mistake, as necessary restructuring simply cannot be delayed much longer, and the form this takes in the battle straight ahead (as in the minute Confetti begins his "retirement") could put the United States on a fast path to its extinction. The insane intrigues the U.S. ruling class has engaged over recent decades surely have greased the skids, while a once robust physical economy transformed into a grand casino leaves a crumbling foundation on which dull, lifeless victims resign to believe this is just the way it is and can be no different, rightly blaming government, while not having the foggiest notion of their own part in acceding to being robbed blind. "A republic if you can keep it," indeed, Mr. Franklin.

5 waves down from early-August appear near completion. Relatively dead volume is garbage falling of its own weight notwithstanding conventional wisdom the Confetti Fed cannot soon exit its determined effort to become the gold standard in insolvency. Maybe Confetti cannot exit, but his successor surely must judging by that conspicuously hushed, bi-partisan consensus whose determination to force Confetti's retirement has delivered scarcely a peep from Team Fraud's media networks.

Meanwhile, emerging markets continue to crater, and in the scramble to resist domestic currency collapse sell reserve securities, thereby assisting Team Fraud's squeeze of the U.S. Treasury—an effort finding no shortage of insane monetarist ideologues in all the wrong places in government...

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