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Friday, August 30, 2013

Special Relationship and Other Death Cult Expendables

Could it all be about to come unglued? Could "bail-in" of hopelessly insolvent titans of tyranny called "too big to fail" prove the least of our troubles: a minor consequence proceeding from a much grander ruse?

Today's ascending threat is global conflagration. Consequent financial chaos this looming possibility of world war portends likely will create an enemy image possessed by an illusion tailor made for snow cone sucking Eskimos masking the true culprits whose death cult is a centuries old scourge with roots now running deep into the institutional foundations of the United States itself. Secretary of State Skull & Bones as advocate for al Qaeda represents a rather obvious subversion to be sure. Yet we would be foolish to assume he is any less expendable than, say, Citigroup. Both in fact are vulnerable objects—playthings—of a Venetian modeled oligarchy with all the moral fiber of a dyed in the wool Nazi. This oligarchy is the enemy of mankind attacking sovereign states the world over. By no means is the United States immune, either. Indeed, this truth is exposed by such complete depravity as brings supposedly well-educated, American men and women to become unprincipled, lying facilitators of insane, bearded thugs. What's more is the fact this state of affairs is as deviously intended as a banking system stuffed to the gills with more worthless garbage than the CIA could ever dream of recruiting into its Arab Foreign Legion.

Truly, were today's Venetians the least threatened by any of this, then surely the trouble would be rubbed from existence. Yet there they all are. So-called "diplomats" and fundamentalist goons alike, both armed to serve as useful fools and nothing more by the very same inhumane enterprise. We would be wise to keep in mind the common ground shared by a corrupt oligarchy's several tools. Each and every one in its own right is completely bankrupt.

September certainly is shaping up for a flurry of deceptions, all made for spinning a Big Lie whose end we might reasonably suppose would further enslave to today's Venetian death cult the vast majority of naive, trusting souls who soon could find their lives threatened like never before.

Diseased subversives to the inalienable rights of man in truth posses power no greater than a puppet animator and rather easily could be subdued were Congress only moved to "Seize the Fed!" No matter what, remember this, and demand it like your life depends on it, because the fact of the matter is it does.

Don't look now, but Chuck's 30 got dirty in August with a negative outside month. It appears, then, these lords of globalization whose emerging markets were throttled are sending smoke signals from Venetian savages who clearly are moving with haste in an insane adventure threatening to set the world on fire.

So, yes, it could all be about to come undone, and a break in the U.S. - U.K. "special relationship" is as ominous now than in 1931 when the Bank of England defaulted and sunk the United States to the depths of the Great Depression.

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