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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dennis Gartman: Financial Advisor to Al Qaeda?

Me? A slave to the internet search engines? You got me! Still, the question raised is a legitimate one. What is Gartman thinking calling Secretary of State Skull & Bones "weak" when it is obvious to everyone who isn't an imperialist lackey that, whatever happened in Syria last week (if anything at all involving chemical weapons, indeed, occurred) all too likely was not an act of the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad?

For all we know, the entire "incident" was filmed in Doha for the exclusive consumption of mush heads in the west, much like was done a couple years back when al Jazeera was on the front lines in Libya attempting to convince its Arab audience that, Tripoli had fallen and Gaddafi overthrown. Truth was the entire thing had been staged in Doha on a movie set made to look like Tripoli's Green Square! So, dead bodies and crying Syrian children no more tell the truth than dead German prisoners dressed in Polish Army uniforms. Of course, you can't tell that to a Queen Ponzi who is as dedicated to the imperialist cause as her husband.

As for Secretary of State Skull & Bones conviction (video-based, all being posted by so-called "activists") that, chemical weapons in fact were used by the Assad regime, and this no matter what, if anything, U.N. inspectors discover, well, we can all look forward to corroboration from former Secretary of State Colin Powell, another graduate of the Little Hitler School that is the U.S. State Department. No doubt, that other former Secretary of State under President Obama, Jackboots Jane, will be stepping up to the plate any minute now with her expert [pre-presidential candidate] opinion on how to wave a swastika so fast it appears red, white and blue. But speaking of the actions of "a government with nothing to hide," much as Skull & Bones impugned does not characterize the Syrian government following its "attack" last week, what are we to make, then, of a U.S. government that, with all haste removed the remains of the World Trade Center and had its steel support beams melted down? They couldn't do this fast enough! Was this because there was something to hide, Mr. Secretary?

Now, really, if these people masquerading as "leaders" are gone—out of their minds—what does that make Gartman? Do I answer in the affirmative, then, my own question?

On a lighter note, Donald Trump. (I said "lighter," not "lightweight." LOL!) We might better recommend the "when in Rome" defense to the Donald and thank him for confirming that, the new Rome is the United States of Make Work and Money Grab...

It appears we have a "responsibility to protect" fail with al Qaeda taking a swift boat out of town once our peace-loving Secretary of State had finished his finely polished Goebbels act. Fortunately, there's a good chance NASDAQ might not even open for business tomorrow, so "the stock exchange for the next 100 years" (why not 1000?) was spared the full brunt of revulsion, as croakers among us who boast of U.S. capital market transparency were in fact proven last week to much prefer darkness. Besides, as long as there still is electricity, then the sky's the limit for Tesla...

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