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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Dumber Than Bricks Hit the BRICS

Evidently, the 21st century's call of "liberty" beckoning the world send us their poor, tired masses of hot money needed to prop up a massively debased U.S. dollar is reaching a fevered pitch with recent days' attack on the BRICS. Of course, being about as dumb as bricks, today's gasping relics of 19th century imperialism dominating the wreck that is the U.S. banking system probably are best seen reaching into their bag of tricks with all the transparency of the U.S. Federal Reserve, exposing the very same insolvency besetting every last institution feigning authority throughout the trans-Atlantic.

This would include the Imperial Mobster Front (the IMF) and its gaggle of Austrian wannabes, ever waxing nostalgic for fascist austerity in a devious bid to destroy the very authority of sovereign nation states the world over (with the constitutional republic of the United States at the very top of the list). With a resurgence of nationalism sweeping across Egypt pushing aside IMF playthings and Team Fraud towel boys going by the name of the Muslim Brotherhood, this sudden opportunity for inaugurating a BRICS Development Bank to compete with the IMF is being met with challenge to BRICS member-state resources that otherwise could be made available to finance necessary imports of capital goods a nation like Egypt lacks. Trouble is the effort to financially sequester a resource-rich nation like Russia will require an attack on the very prop holding up the trans-Atlantic banking system—the energy market—through "free market" extortionary tactics hastening the further decomposition of what remains of a collapsing global physical economy.

So, now we must wonder how idiotic will the Obama administration soon feel, having been inclined of late to babble on about a so-called "bubble-and-bust" economy. Today's gasping relics of 19th century imperialism positively need a bust if their unchallenged monopoly on a global fraud regime is to be sustained somehow. Yet there may be no time for anyone in Washington to feel stupid when there exists no better way to establish the "authority" of a delphic oracle without credible policy portfolio whose larger purpose in fact otherwise must be assumed to be smooth talking the U.S. Treasury straight to its very destruction in prostrate subservience to the most massive fraud the world has ever known.

Gotta run and clean out my ears in anticipation of the next round of propaganda about "saving the nation from the grips of another Great Depression." Afterward, it's off to teaching young Americans how to tie a noose, that despair over their inability to find a well-paying job be placated with at least some small measure of hope in the prospect of hanging those whose treason has made this so...

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