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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Just The Facts, Vlad

When Obama whispered into Medvedev's ear last year, was he promising Chicago political hospitality, cooling Vlad's Russia once re-elected, with signature, Team Fraud empty talk and a stab in the back too weak to twist? When he signaled to then-President Medvedev, saying, "Tell Vladimir we can talk after the U.S. elections," was the "we" me, myself and I? Where was it Snowden went to school, only to drop out and fall into a 6-figure intelligence job?

Here's a fact. Six figures paid to put mega nuclear superpowers at odds is a slave's wages! That's the real treason. That's the nature of the charge for which Snowden should be turned over by Russia for prosecution in the U.S. Any relevant free press boldly would have printed front page, above the fold, the headline, "Snowden: Venice at Work." None did. All are irrelevant.

You just can't convince suckers, though. They got the lockdown on the media and the market!

Here's another fact. This garbage is losing air and looks to continue its descent how ever coolly managed this likely continues proving.

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