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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sound Guidance For Saving Your 401(k)

As I see it you probably are reading this for one of two reasons.

You are either concerned about your 401(k)'s performance or wondering whether my recommendation of May 10, 2008 has changed.

First, my advice stands. Remain safely invested in a money-market fund offered by your 401(k) plan.

Yes, that's right ... I recommend your 401(k) be 100% invested in a low-yielding money-market fund. Better to be earning 2% than losing ten times that (or more) invested in the stock market over the months ahead.

However, if your 401(k) presently is invested in the stock market, wait to switch out. Some (if not all) of the market's losses since May should be recovered over weeks ahead. Wait until this bounce comes to pass. Then switch your 401(k)'s stock investments into a safe money-market fund.


Since January 2000, there have been only three occasions when I altered my 401(k) investment allocations. These have proven to be extraordinarily profitable decisions, indeed.

I believe the next few years could prove excruciatingly difficult for most 401(k) investors. Of course, nothing is set in stone. Yet I suspect most major stock indexes are slated to sink toward levels last seen in 1994.

Bear in mind ... this sort of thing occurs quite naturally in the stock market. So, why not take advantage?

Listen, I respect how investing is not everyone's cup of tea. Still, I believe safely managing a 401(k) is in everyone's interest, no matter how much they know or care about investing.

Trust me, profitably investing a 401(k) ... making safety one's utmost priority ... requires very little attention.

Here is all you need do...

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No matter what your interest in investing, I will show you how to turn your 401(k) into a financial powerhouse. You also will discover how my risk-averse 401(k) investment strategy paves the way to building a treasure chest you can tap into right now.

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