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Monday, August 12, 2013

Casing Treasury

With reason to believe the market could collapse, right here, right now, is reason to believe a good bout of nasty might come nearer the U.S. Treasury Attack Day of October 1, 2013. Evidently, lesser minds of the U.S. Senate need prove the magnetic hold of Confetti's huge wad of funny money, and so come the start of a new fiscal year on October 1st these threaten a federal government shutdown, triggering attendant uncertainty per the viability of outstanding Treasury obligations (notwithstanding the 14th amendment's prohibition) and accompanying ratings agency shenanigans no doubt.

So might the next several weeks prove a slow walk to top, while a heist's objective is cased, leading to bottom falling out...

We practically must accept the possibility the market's levitation could persist some weeks in a manner more or less like that indicated above. Per Chuck's 30 this could be seen finally completing 5 waves up from mid-November 2012 bottom, and so, too, 3 waves up from March '09 bottom (prospectively, of course, yet all the more convincingly, as this same Elliott-based view is seen similarly unfolding across other major indexes).

As for any impending disaster prospectively dwarfing 2008's, we might consider how such an event might hasten the course already bringing the world's two heavily-armed nuclear superpowers at increasing odds. In this realm Team Fraud's object, as ever, is expanding control over resources of every kind. Bankrupt central bank games here are the greased distraction they are in fact intended to be. Herein is the domain of unknowns many expect will trigger financial disaster enough to satisfy voracious parasites otherwise hopelessly insolvent, one and all. Something to ponder in the framework of a technically substantiated, Elliott wave view portending a hard turn south, if not this very instant, then on the immediate horizon.

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