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Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Way of Independence

The 150 year anniversary of the U.S. Civil War battle at Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) somehow piques more sensitive imagination of those bygone days waging total war. Both on the field of battle and likely in most every American home either side of the political divide, conviction in opposing causes, willful or coerced, righteous or ill-conceived, plotting an irreconcilable enemy's eradication, and at all cost.

Scarcely, if ever, do we fathom betrayal, though, whose consequence, alone, made Gettysburg the U.S. Civil War's most perilous moment.The Republic's enemy was well-supplied, indeed, and at that moment threatening the nation's very capital. Gettysburg was at its door. Then, too, a Venetian-modeled oligarchy was in the thick of intrigue.

Now, today's quite similarly plots a colonial, globalized plantation system, yet consisting of asset-stripping conglomerates leveraged to the teeth, making for rich pickings (and loyal viceroys) whenever Venetian finance turns south, as is meant to be in fact. It is dumbfounding how supposedly intelligent people—well-educated—insist on being bamboozled about this, the way of the American republic's eternal enemy whose terror in defiance of natural law long predates the United States itself.

Today's U.S. Treasury, too, positively is being subdued. The English might call it a "sitting duck," while the French "mon petite chou." Darling American Napoleans evidently are just irresistable (not to mention how a burgeoning supply of Treasuries financing global carnage props up the old world's banking system). Same old Venice to be sure.

Unlike Lincoln, though, we are afforded some greater luxury here to secure peace in a leap forward, tapping increasing stores of energy while simultaneously becoming extra-terrestrial beings. For twenty years following WWII our world nobly ventured in this direction. It is time we turn here again, leveraging our investment far more boldly, and proving this wisdom once and for all. The real gold in fact is above us, with rich veins extending in every direction...

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Shocking! Challenging our prevailing view on a gravity-bound universe. To be at the cutting edge of new understanding about our physical reality! It has happened before and in other places. One, we Americans, commemorate today.

Now, as for the science here, there is a boundary where sense certainty gives way to metaphysics uncovering universal principles organizing matter. The positively pervasive presence of plasma throughout space and its highly conductive quality, whose known existence—a fruit of the space age—likewise finds magnetic fields everywhere, certainly satisfy that measure of sense certainty piquing contemplation of metaphysics unifying an electric cosmology. You might simply ignore the several speculative matters presented here, if you'd like, woven into those most critical points identifying our physical reality in an electric cosmology. Speculation will end with proven hypotheses forming yet identified universal principals underlying an electric universe. Here and now, we might wonder the degree to which intellectual hijackings of old gave way to mythic symbols in support of exercises in irrationality predating similar measures employed by today's Venetian-modeled oligarchy: a worthy point of perspective whose oversight in fact might be thought weakening this documentary. Yet physical reality teaming with plasma and magnetic fields still invites formulation of higher hypotheses unifying an electric cosmology. The uncovering of these prospectively earth shattering truths present the carrot of immortality to their yet named discoverers. The next time you tell a child there is much to live for, now you can convincingly show them you know very well what you are talking about!

Understanding and putting to practice truth's highest principles is all well and good, as well as necessary for securing our very survival as a species. Still, fostering the means of transfer of principle to practice remains the important business of well-formed government, whose ultimate imperative, too, skillfully minimizes conflict, particularly civil war. Venturing this noble cause with all due moral authority would a well-formed government foremost inspire revolutions in discovery and innovation of every sort with intention expressly promoting the benefit of all humanity...

It Runs on Water

Tesla's refutation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity was the genesis of  this U.S. Independence Day 2013 documentary dump. Tesla's idea of "zero point energy"—an idea animating all "nature," as Tesla conceived it, representing the fundamental basis of his contention with nuclear science—while all very new to me, seems to offer all the better promises of nuclear power without the downside risks. Indeed, the thought of there being energy available at densities dwarfing that which nuclear power affords is both provocative and exciting. It seems our better understanding of how the sun really works is imperative at this present moment in mankind's pursuit of scientific discovery.

Now, who could not get excited about possibility the end of the fossil fuel age might be at hand? Well, it rather goes without saying a certain class of imperialist scam artists likely would frown on the prospect. Evidently, it was the original "Commodore" who derailed Tesla's quest to harness zero point energy. Yet while we might suppose some things never change, the fact of the matter is change is inevitable. Furthermore, money does not make the world go 'round. Rather, energy bears that distinction.

The question to those who treasure independence is whether a Venetian-modeled oligarchy's long standing subversion of ideas expressed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence is exposed by this little known conflict in the scientific community pitting the cult of Newton against the cutting edge cosmology of the electric universe—a framework that Tesla, no doubt, would have agreed with, if not otherwise be regarded its intellectual father. After all, Newton, the claimed discoverer of the laws of gravity, is a proven plagiarist fraud.

Our so-called gravity-bound physical state exclusively is proclaimed reality. Thus, everyone knows Newton and Einstein, whereas Tesla is relegated to obscurity. Is this yet another British Royal Society dirty trick animating a scientific mafia in the pocket of Venice on the Thames ever since it initiated the so-called "enlightenment"?

Like today's globalized plantation system of asset-stripping conglomerates leveraged to the teeth (now ripe for the squeezing) deception of scientific thinking necessarily exposes a subversive, counterproductive intention undermining the common good. Tragically, and just like the U.S. Civil War period of 150 years ago, we again find the American republic's enemy well supplied, if only in its slothful habits in pursuit of truth.

To every rule, they say, is an exception. Today we discover how "united we stand, divided we fall" is challenged. Only truth could bind all. United in profound fallacy surely risks doom. This is, after all, the U.S. Civil War's eternal lesson.

Have faith, then, it is a lesson well-learned. Put faith to practice, too, elevated in well-formed government we in fact now are better informed than most to positively influence. National banking is key to harnessing power over abundant resources whose harmonious leveraging stands to increase this nation's (and all mankind's) ability to positively supplement nature's bounty. Were this fruitful end not creation's very intention, then there would be no man and no American republic steeped in "the Laws of Nature."

That a body in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an alien force, not only is scientifically postulated, but characterizes American history, as well. There is no better position in strength worth contemplating on this very special Independence Day meeting a significant anniversary of a momentous battle securing the Declaration's truth once again for the ages. Union victory in the Civil War to be sure was not natural law's last reaffirmation. Yet only the living will ensure the blood shed then still beats a nation's heart fearing total war's terrible burden, seeking instead otherwise inexorable progress manifesting such universal truth as places mankind atop all known creation.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

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