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Sunday, March 02, 2008

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Face it, making money in the stock market is not always easy. Patient, risk averse investing is far from a natural instinct. Truth is greed and fear are what drive most investors. So, avoid these pitfalls and team up with a proven expert.

With so many intelligent analysts whose views you wisely consider, I am but one voice in the wilderness. And I respect that.

Still you must trade (albeit infrequently) if in fact you wish to flourish. Will you be ready to sidestep the market's next disaster?

Increase Your Risk Awareness

You're a grownup quite capable of making your own decisions. This is not the issue. Rather it is whether you are well-informed when it matters most. All it takes is just one e-mail.

If you've been reading the Risk Averse Alert for any length of time, you know I am not like everyone else. Having received many messages expressing gratitude for analytical insights freely provided here, it seems many active investors are gaining an edge up on the market with my help.

Truth is, though, not everyone who might benefit can bear reading this blog day after day. For some a daily dose of technical analysis simply is not their cup of tea. Still, your ability to invest like a seasoned professional can skyrocket in an instant supplementing your decision-making power with free trade notification from me.

We both know the rubber meets the road where sound investment decisions are made. It's all about execution. Avoiding risk and seeking opportunity is the name of the game. Do this consistently and you'll have no problem making money in the stock market.

So, it really is for the sake of your bottom line you might like knowing what I am doing. Just look over to the left and see why. I continue to thrive in these difficult times. Now, you can too.

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Subject: "Risk Averse Alert Me"

Look, bull and bear markets are as natural as night and day. The stock market is sure to suffer difficult periods from now until forever. So, sign up for my free trade notification right away. It's the easiest way to invest in sync with the big picture, because...
As goes the stock market, so go 90% of all stocks that make up the stock market.
No matter your style of investing, your ultimate success requires you remain risk averse alert. So, get my free trade notification. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Are you wondering whether it could even be worth a dime?

Well, here's my prediction...
Someday you will tip me somewhere between 100-1000 times more than anyone you have ever tipped before.

Truth is a quarter century of investment experience affords me courage to let you be the judge of success by the measure it comes to you even in tough times.

So get FREE Trade Notification right now!

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