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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pointing the Guns of August at Imperial London and Paris

Evidently, there are distinct advantages to being surrounded by economies more hopelessly insolvent than our own. Of course, it doesn't hurt having an unpenetrating media with all the critical objectivity of Goebbels creating a fog so thick as to make a swastika appear a red, white and blue, star spangled banner. To wit, when the attractiveness of an opaque house of cards is not compelling enough to coax hot money into the dollar-denominated garbage carry trade, there's Team Fraud's media playing up a cause led by bearded fanatics over whom is leverage making the Fed appear downright prudent.

Venetians pitching a "responsibility to protect" certainly must be cursing up a storm over this newfangled internet thing, though. Selling deception is just not as easy as it once was. We might even suspect the recent spate of electronic infrastructure failures could be part of a project aiming to assist the Big Lie when only a force-fed whopper will do.

There is just one reason why Venice on the Thames, her wine swilling Vichy surrender monkeys and Ivy League misanthropes alike need a big, big war and fast: the crushing burden of a collapsing banking system is raising the probability a mass uprising of the first order in this moment of relative peace will demand central banks be nationalized, that real, constructive, productivity-enhancing progress find financing, and so permanently derail the Venetian project to destroy the sovereign nation state.

The post-Bretton Woods scam captivating sovereigns the world over in a massive debt trap masked by a seemingly limitless casino called "the free market"—a rigged enterprise increasingly dependent on swindle for its survival—has reached the point where calamitous crisis simply is unavoidable. Again, we should see Confetti's forced "retirement" in this light. Likewise this week's attempt to sell a supposed chemical weapons attack in Syria, the likes of which curiously ignores those several recent incidents where bearded fanatics were caught red handed trying to pin the Big Lie on Syrian sovereign authorities. For the second time here we demand proof this insanely illogical charge against Syria is legitimate, and this from something other than so-called "activists" on the payroll of Team Fraud's intelligence networks.

Absent this, the guns of August instead might be better pointed at London and Paris, where imperialist scumbags leading the charge in the call for war against Syria should be made aware right from the get-go that, America is ready to give them much more than they bargained for. It is not enough President Obama be forcibly compelled to seek a declaration of war from Congress, that this charade targeting Syria be continued. The time has come for the United States to move its nuclear armed submarine fleet into the English Channel and begin the debate over which capital should be turned into a parking lot. What honor, too, we could give President Lincoln's patriotic defense of the union by asking the one-and-only sovereign ally the United States had in its war against the Confederacy—Russia (more detail here)—to join us.

Mind you there is no need to talk a dour book when today's hopelessly insolvent trans-Atlantic banking system does all the speaking, and then some. Yet as regards unforeseen outliers some suggest will more likely precipitate this rotten banking system's catastrophic collapse, a U.S.-Russian alliance against a Venetian modeled oligarchy actively subverting sovereign authority through deception as ill-suited to fly as a bunch of cave dwelling, fundamentalist fanatics conveniently finds the present moment ripe for change as revolutionary as yesterday's American War of Independence. Just how we get to this point where today's potential to make history becomes a new reality positively influencing mankind's creative capacity for many generations to come most assuredly might begin with a call to arms in three words: Seize the Fed!

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