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Friday, December 28, 2012

Over the Cliff of Death We Go

Uh-oh, looks like the poor, bankrupt Fed is up against the wall. Either that, or insolvent, imperial swindlers are really, really serious about demands for more death and destruction as price for maintaining the illusion of the market's supreme hegemony over the affairs of a nation led by heartless cowards...

No doubt, everyone in the Venetian insurance "industry" is busy these days updating actuarial tables, jiggering their calculations to correlate the supply of semi-automatic weapons with policy-induced increases in mental illness, and word must be out premium costs on many policies insuring swindlers and cowards alike are about to go through the roof, thereby squeezing out capital available to insure a hopelessly insolvent banking system's wildly mis-priced garbage. If only the Fed could easily hyperinflate these troubles away. Problem is policy sustaining insolvent, illegitimate debt is bound to sharpen the double-edged sword whose one side awaits runaway upward pressure on prices for supply constrained goods of every sort, and whose other side is a Treasury further pressured to impose but more death and destruction with consequence only likely to keep the insurance "industry" busily employed.

The magnitude of fraud sustaining securities at the bottom rung of the capital structure is rather exposed via fluctuations (or lack thereof) in the Volatility Index. Just how options premiums could be exploding upward in the current instance while remaining extraordinarily tame during the far more tumultuous October-November period is a matter for the Securities and Exchange Commission to look into, if only for the sake of humoring American death camp prisoners with another brilliant Sargeant Schultz imitation.

Notwithstanding my horrendous recent record of short-term market prognostications, a northbound goose still rather seems likely, particularly lifting the most hopelessly insolvent of all corporate offerings, which after all are the principal beneficiaries of the Weimar School's largess, at least for the briefest of moments. All being in the court of King Swindle, no doubt a rumor mill whipped up to a fever pitch with anticipation for a "deal" avoiding a contrived "fiscal cliff" propagated by the friend of al Qaeda in the White House in collusion with Capo Confetti is being greased to carry the frenzy into the new year, this that wiser weak hands might stuff the dumber among their brethren with dearly priced shares for which hope might be maintained for some duration lasting months, if possible, before the feces finally hits the fan, and this quite likely to the effect of shorting out the motor whose turning convinces those most mentally ill yet to be thrown on the human scrap heap that the Federal Reserve is anything but bankrupt. I'm betting that, by and large, we are going over the cliff, and fulfilled will be the intention to ratchet up death and destruction blessed by cowards whose insanity is covered only by a thinning veneer called an Ivy League education.

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