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Friday, December 21, 2012

N.R.A. at the Intersection of An Insolvent Banking System

Perfect timing! The larger world is playing straight into the hands of brave American women right now. Just today the Russian parliament extended its empathy for everyone's heartbreak over last week's Newtown massacre, providing a spark further igniting our righteous outrage against policy fueling mass murder. The Russian parliament today banned the adoption of Russian children by Americans! Evidently, Russia sees quite well where things in the United States are headed.

Who can blame them? Certainly not the N.R.A! Did you see what this group came out with today in response to last week's slaughter? Joy, more American men living in fantasy land.

How useless is this organization, proposing U.S. municipalities man every school with an armed police officer? How out of touch with reality! Do these people not know municipalities all across the country are going broke in a deadly experiment being conducted by the Weimar School of mass murder cultivation, otherwise known as the U.S. Federal Reserve? Someone needs to educate these folks!

The N.R.A. certainly could broaden its embrace of the U.S. Constitution. Its regard for the second amendment provides not nearly enough basis for it to form credible policy recommendations, if I might state the obvious. Their need is a wake up call to the politics of abundance whose tapping is the key to peace no matter how much heat we're packing. The N.R.A. either will vigorously support a Hamiltonian national bank, reorganization of the banking system along Glass-Steagall lines, and major land and water development projects whose residual effect would enhance the natural environment sustaining a burgeoning wildlife population, or risk its own extinction, as well as doom the right to bear arms for that matter.

How does this organization propose defending the constitutional right to bear arms with policy recommendations not even fit for a dream? Truth is if we could pay for the police protection the N.R.A. counsels, that protection would be unnecessary. This sheds light on what our economic goal should be, then. Abundance whose excess far exceeds the needs of every living soul, be they among an honorable majority whose spirits would be well satisfied in an advanced—cutting edge—physical economy created with a concerted political will that refuses to be denied, or be they curmudgeon marionettes of today's tyrannical, murderous, Venetian-modeled oligarchy who, if nothing else, reveal the American Revolution in fact is an ongoing war. Victorious in battle for a state promoting abundance, we certainly would better know this latter group's doings, as well, and so hold their deeds in check, as abundance achieved naturally would see to this to be sure, thereby, too, freeing police from any need to militarize our public schools.

Now, one should wonder how a concerted political will insisting upon institutional arrangements promoting abundance might come to be. Well, consider the fast approaching prospect a U.S. state governor whose state's finances are in complete disarray might move to organize a mortgage foreclosure moratorium targeting the money center banks Capo Confetti is bailing out to no end while leaving states and municipalities to twist in the wind. Nothing like an attack on the bottom line of imperial swindlers to force a favorable change in federal policy. You have to wonder, too, whether Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy might have been already moving in this direction. If by chance the FBI is leading the investigation into the Newtown slaughter, doubly is suspicion raised that circles around the governor were the massacre's actual intended targets, particularly with there having been several initial accounts of a second gunman quickly erased from any consideration, and this without any investigation whatsoever having commenced. Anyone from the N.R.A. or otherwise remember what went down in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963? Within a half-hour following President Kennedy's assassination the Dallas police department "knew" its prime suspect was Oswald.

It occurs to me, too, issues surrounding gun control are a lot like concerns involving the solvency of Social Security and Medicare. All reflect symptoms of our national nightmare—our bankruptcy on several fronts—manifest in the politics of scarcity (a.k.a. imperialism). These concerns, though, rather serve as barometers revealing how far we have flown from the politics of abundance, the likes of whose fostering the U.S. Constitution in fact is formed to accommodate. Thus is a Congress consumed with concern for the U.S. Treasury's outlays only indicting itself as an unconstitutional actor led by men and women filled with treason. It stands to reason, then, that before the murderer in the White House can be constitutionally removed, the "leadership" in the House of Representatives first must be purged.

So, ladies, forget about the N.R.A. This organization is irrelevant and, if I might again state the obvious, apparently quite bent on being so, as well. Rather focus your outrage on the so-called leadership in Congress whose hands are dripping with the blood of children, and specifically to our legislative body's representatives who might conspire to remove the names Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi and Hoyer from their leadership positions in the House once the 113th Congress commences in January. These four are proven sold out—themselves murderers—be it by accommodating the hyperinflationary bailout of hopelessly insolvent money center banks or killer cuts in federal spending attacking the weakest of our nation's citizens. Both represent two sides of the same coin whose currency is treason.

Now, about the market. I am positively certain it is going higher into year end, this, of course, via the scam superhighway exploiting a badly broken price discovery mechanism all the more easily goosed while those who can afford a vacation are out of town. Likewise, I am rather sure the insolvent fakes who will be juicing the bid over the next couple weeks are on their last leg. As December 14, 2012 is a date, too, that will live in infamy, by all indications there will be a further bloodletting, even if only symbolically, resulting from outrage not likely to soon die out, much like that following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The "fiscal cliff" is a dead issue, and doomed are marionettes who still wish to play it up. Instead, a Wall Street Transactions Sales Tax paying for national public school police protection is fast moving front and center. Do you think the dummies at the N.R.A. might at least get behind this initiative? My advice is don't hold your breath...

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