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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saint LIBOR Fraud, the Venetian Butt Kisser

Oh boy, the busy little scamming beavers are at it again. Our criminal Treasury Secretary, Saint LIBOR Fraud, says we's gonna hits the debt ceiling by Monday, good God! Already amply proven to be even less of a constitutional scholar than his boss, il Duce Attilos, it's a safe bet were his coming weekend spent studying the U.S. Constitution's 14th amendment, even limiting inquiry to but Section 4, Saint LIBOR Fraud still wouldn't find the balls to declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional. Let's be honest, his swindling paymasters of British allegiance directing the Bank of Mass Murder simply wouldn't allow it. Which is not to ignore Timmy's love for kissing Venetian butt, as his AIG bailout more than adequately documented.

We who despise the criminal enterprise cultivating mass murder welcome a trip over the fiscal cliff and the heavier tax burden it will create in this climate of want terribly difficult to mask with cynical pleas claiming a fragile recovery is at risk of being lost when nothing of the sort in fact exists but in the minds of fantasy-driven scammers. Add to our outrage over the most innocent of our citizenry butchered like pigs in a slaughterhouse will be a heavier tax bill paying for ... absolutely nothing. Bring it on! Please, we're begging you, worthless murdering thieves, bring-it-on.

Let me be clear. This false debate over tax rates is absolutely unnecessary. The income tax is as much a barbaric relic as is the gold standard. There's simply no need for it. Ditto property taxes: another imperial swindle. Everything this government needs to operate could be principally provided via excise taxes on goods and services over which it maintains a monopoly. I can think of several things whose provision stands to benefit each and every citizen, and for which there is no need for competition. The Bank of the United States is but one of these. Yet this institution could be directed by a Congress not so captive to imperial sophistry (like that rationalizing a "free market," the likes of which is prone to facilitating mass murder once "free" has been qualified to mean "free to swindle") for providing financing for the build out, maintenance and upgrade of such vital material components as make for a private enterprise empowered to flourish upon a state-of-the-art physical economic platform. The provision of electricity to power industry, as well as fuel facilitating transport are but two specific areas over which government could maintain a monopoly in such a fashion as makes it both the lowest cost producer possible, as well as generates sufficient revenue necessary to honor every public servant's pledge to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. In the realm of services the catchphrase "Medicare for all" should be regarded in the same light. Here again, government could be the lowest cost provider of health insurance and at the same time find means to finance its rightful operation without so much as imposing any burden, but rather providing something every citizen will value and, indeed, gladly pay for because it can be had no cheaper.

Put away any thought this is impossible. In the United States of Make Work and Money Grab whose citizens have been dumbed down frightfully and burdened with a debt and tax liability impossible to sustain, thus inexorably leading to physical economic breakdown to such a degree as has heightened everyone's vulnerability to becoming a victim of mass murder, nothing now is impossible. Soon enough imperial swindlers will have lost all cover for pretending the world as we once knew it is near being restored. Indeed, to my way of seeing things this cover was lost on December 14, 2012, a date that, too, will live in infamy, with December 24th coming in a not-so-distant second.

All planning aside for the fast approaching date when Team Fraud has lost all legitimacy and of urgent necessity will be the build out of a nuclear-fueled economy whose capacity will bring power to obsolete hydrocarbon fuels while ushering in the hydrogen age, Saint LIBOR Fraud probably is signaling that, at least an extension of the current day's tax rates could be approved by the lame duck 112th Congress before the end of the week, this with today's fear mongering wielding an illegitimate debt ceiling he claims will be reached by next Monday. Of course, being the criminal scum he is, Timmy's intention is to coax il Duce's "grand bargain" whose real name is mass murder committed by cowards loyal to a Venetian-modeled oligarchy, who likewise are too afraid to take the bullet once their dirty deed is done.

So, with all technical indications still suggesting the market is poised to move higher—yet with every reason to believe there is a ton of overhead resistance restraining the heights to which garbage at the bottom of a fraud riddled capital structure might leap—we can cut through the crap likely to be spewed from a rumor mill operating deep with the territory of the land of the impossible and guess the nature of glorious salvation our bought-and-paid-for so-called "leaders" will be able to muster closing out the year of the fake frosted with the mass murder of innocent children, as well as public servants so decent as to volunteer their services. January 2013 might even begin with appearances of victory, but I doubt very much this is how it will end...

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