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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Panic Gone Manic

Apparently last week's negative price reversal following Capo Confetti's double down on his monthly subsidy paid into an insolvent banking system dialed up panic among weak hands flush with garbage possessing no prayer whatsoever of anytime soon seeing conditions justifying its wildly overpriced valuation. Yet a broken price discovery mechanism principally being all that remains at their disposal nevertheless is at this late hour only thinly veiled by a rumor mill peddling hope residing well past the border of fantasy and deep into the land of impossible.

Fortunately for bankrupt scammers no one being forced to observe the emperors new clothes possesses the wherewithal to repulse each new markup of what are otherwise threadbare loincloths, the likes of which the market's minions still generally insist are worth their weight in gold. However this does not change the fact we are all watching a game of musical chairs, with but two players remaining: hyperinflationary blowout and deflationary collapse—the former being far more insidious, as contraction it masks is accomplished with a smokescreen making even the sudden appearance of mass murderers seem an inexplicable anomaly whose increasing occasion is only destined to be sooner shrugged off and forgotten in a broadening, desperate scramble for survival rendering evils otherwise shocking and outrageous rather unimpressively common.

Indeed, slowly but surely the United States, step by step, inexorably has been moving in this direction over the past forty years. We can thank incompetent monetarists—fascist goons—educated at the finest Ivy League schools for the pleasure of suffering the misery their policies doom. Only the more offensive is this moment finding a mass killer elevated to the highest office in the land where life once deemed an unalienable right now has a price at which its burden unilaterally and without due process is condemned.

A fair tragedy today truly is anyone thinking this view off base, finding the market's resilience formidable proof that, if all is not well, things certainly are getting better. Yet we might concede, too, this logically would be the mindset of those who have been duped. Are such not generally in the majority when the market comes unglued? Yet once again we shall likely see the more things change the more they remain the same, as King Solomon keenly observed some several thousand years ago.

And while we are on the subject of royalty and the constancy of human nature, did you hear about this?: "Queen attends UK cabinet meeting as special guest."
"She is the first monarch to attend cabinet since George III, during the premiership of Lord North when the American war of independence was raging, and the first female monarch to do so since Queen Anne."

Ra-he-he-he-ly! All the more interesting is this is following on Her Royal Bankruptcy's visit last week to the Bank of England. This one was a beaut! The Duke of Deadly Virus was "typically direct," saying "Don't do it again!" His exhortation followed an inquiry asking, “There's not another [crisis] coming, is there?”

Don't do it again? Are we admitting some sort of guilt for which wronged parties might rightly seek restitution? Or was this the publicly spoken misdirection paving the way for phase II of the American recolonization project? Could the Duke's command instead be instructing the BoE halt QE, a move whose effect would likely send bond and currency markets into a tailspin?

NYSE 1-min

Team Fraud's panic has gone manic. Yet another gap higher in the NYSE Composite Index(!) at yesterday's open and once again today. Icing this is relative strength just off the charts. Sell into strength and so display a healthy measure of fear? These people can't push up fast enough the garbage strong hands for years now have shunned.

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