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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Call Out to Screaming Ladies Muting a Manufactured Bid

Brave women of America, your outrage is urgently needed. There is but one place, and one place alone, where righteous disappointment toward government should intersect matters of accounting—at the doorstep of 20 slaughtered school children—and yours is power to keep attention on this place until there is satisfactory redress for every lost daughter and son. "Fiscal cliff" be damned. If we have to tax financial transactions 50% to stop the slaughter, then so be it. There are no greater defenders of children than women. Let disappointment in the body politic rightly rest where policies indisputably are proven vile, bringing shame beyond compare to every living American.

Do you hate liars? Do you demand honesty? Bouyant financial markets pretending to defy our banking system's insolvency and our economy's dysfunction are in fact both born of policies encouraging the mass murder of children. Congress' hands are dripping with their blood! Bernanke, Geithner, Obama and many, many others can be tolerated no more. Their failure reaches beyond the unbearable. Forgive? Yes. Forget? Never.

You might recall some weeks ago my suspicion a new December infamy might be in store. Well, we got this in red again on December 14th. If this president will not rally Congress and the nation to fight, calling those of us among the living to avenge this evil attack, then in the memory of Newtown's slaughtered, a game of pin the tail on the donkey is quite in order now. No need for a blindfold. Pretending blindness has seen its last child.

So, about that Hamiltonian national bank. Cuts in health care, Social Security and other domestic programs, the likes of which a weak Shadow Greek Prime Minister heartlessly offers up to Team Fraud's "fiscal cliff" nonsense, well, with a national bank these cuts would go away. They would be unnecessary. Simply as a function of millions of new jobs created—these principally engaged in major projects of a long-term nature financed via a resurrected national bank issuing credit, the likes of which will forever bless our generation and today's children with abundant life to the fullest—will revenue defying murderous Scrooges then be on a sure path to increase. Truth is there is more work to be done than you can shake a stick at. It's the "why," ladies, you must vigorously impress. One day children become adults. Who best to commit to meeting the challenge of creating a world that is ever an inviting wonder defying heartbreaking disillusion? Here, then, is one man imploring your advantage in power to get 'er done.

Moving on...

$NYA weekly

Here's a possible view forward we should consider credible at this point. It presents a prospective "double zig-zag" up from March '09 bottom (i.e. a-b-c-x-a-b-c). I'll detail the second "b" wave in a moment (i.e. wave (b)).

Technical matters supporting this possibility range from the NYSE Composite's still rising momentum (see MACD) to the absolute positions of both the index's relative strength and momentum measures. On this latter account what have been to now (and still are) considered negative technical divergences give way to observation wherein each measure's muted, absolute value might be supposed leaving "room" for the market's further gain, particularly given that each measure still remains to the positive side of its respective range.

The lower line of the channel containing the five waves forming the fifth wave of wave V (whose beginning is at the market's 1974 bottom and end is at October 2007 top) is likely to be where overhead resistance to any further advance develops, that is if these loftier levels are approached at all. More on this latter consideration shortly.


Formation of the second "b" wave in a prospective "double zig-zag" unfolding off March '09 bottom is detailed above. Duly noted is that, the worst technical state registered during formation of wave (b) occurred while its "c" wave unfolded into early-June 2012 bottom. This circumstance goes some way, then, to confirming this wave count's possibility.

Now, seeing that those who charge Wall Street with using every sort of accounting trick to avoid paying taxes are finding their accusation confirmed in the face of a capital gains tax set to rise from 15% to 20% once we go over the "fiscal cliff," and notwithstanding this the market continues its steady ascent, we now have to ponder the "day after Thanksgiving effect" with there being two holiday-shortened weeks ahead closing out 2012's trading. You remember that fraud, don't you? A big gap higher at the open and a jam job beyond compare going into that day's 1:00 p.m. EST close, lifting intra-day relative strength to an extraordinary extreme with very few precedents, all this, too, on weak, weak volume displaying no exceptional demand underlying the bid. What are the odds this dynamic will appear again (and again and again quite possibly after that) during what typically are a couple of the quietest trading weeks of the year, the likes of which are upcoming?


Yet here we are, too, amidst technical circumstance similar to that leading to the market's April 2010 top. In fact it's appearing fairly late-March-ish. So, "room" for the market's further gain, time-wise, finds an earlier precedent via the above contrast of the NYSE advance-decline differential's 10-day moving average (blue line) versus its 200-day moving average (red line). Then, too, per what might be anticipated in the way of NYSE advancers versus decliners over the next two weeks while a badly broken price discovery mechanism quite possibly is manipulated to the fullest leads to anticipation of technical circumstance like that during April 2010, as circled above.

Alright ladies, get to work. Scream like you have never screamed before. The butt munchers in Washington must hear you and be filled with fear paling anything they have ever known before. If children must suffer this, then so too these sold out, heartless pricks pretending to defend life, liberty and happiness.

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