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Monday, December 24, 2012

Weimar School Fills Lake Ontario With More Innocent Blood

And the Weimar School's mass murderous rampage marches on. This time right in my own back yard! I was awakened today by the sound of gunshots ringing out in the early morning darkness. My mind being in a fog I thought someone outside was pounding a stake into the ground with a hammer. Although at such an early hour this seemed odd, I did not think much of it—could have been someone securing Christmas decorations that fell in the wind, I sleepily thought. Not until 8:00 a.m. did I learn what was going on about a half mile away.

It would be disingenuous to express any shock this kind of thing could happen here. Truth is such irrational outbursts claiming the lives of innocent people are only more likely to happen anywhere and everywhere, and with greater frequency to be sure. What goes around comes around. The mentally ill having been thrown on the scrap heap by the mentally ill educated in the Ivy League now brings us full circle. It's as simple as that. Yet how such mental illness has been perpetuated, though, leads us to the place where the Weimar School rightly stands indicted for mass murder. Here, too, we can conclude this end is intended, and so criminal indictment should charge the U.S. Federal Reserve with murder in the first degree. Sealing this indictment, as well, is a charge of sedition. On every matter of principle for which the U.S. Constitution gives our federal government its legitimacy—establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty—the U.S. Federal Reserve and the [hopelessly insolvent] banking system it animates are mechanisms promoting treason. Those in Congress who with unending complicity offer cover for this criminal enterprise stand condemned as accessories to mass murder.

The time is come we face this reality and fight back. Here is where those who profess we must each take personal responsibility for our own actions need in fact step up and walk the walk. Squirming murderers who attempt hiding their guilt behind a fictitious "fiscal cliff" must not be given quarter to conceal their evil any longer. Their rationale for shutting down the U.S. physical economy over the past forty years and erecting a debt trap, this while both dumbing down the citizenry and abandoning the mentally frail, is a sophistry sandwich whose meat is rotten and whose stale bread gone moldy no longer hides the disease with which those who eat it are consumed.

As you know I am no supporter of Ron Paul, as his cure is worse than the disease whose symptoms we otherwise agree upon. Truth is the philosophical battle pitting Thomas Jefferson against Alexander Hamilton was settled during the very early years of our republic. The government formed by the supreme law of the land is rightly disposed to provide the means by which that government's imperative can be satisfied. This was the determination of our nation's first president, George Washington, made in agreement with the case argued by his administration's Treasury Secretary, while the disputed object—the Bank of the United States—likewise was subsequently confirmed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. A national bank anchoring a Federal Reserve System reorganized in bankruptcy offers a cure to our mass murder pandemic born of an institutional madness that is as well all too friendly to a fascism featuring the rule of the few over the many who otherwise have been turned into a millions-strong, docile herd of dumb cattle. Your expressed knowledge of this and outrage over political resistance to the cure, challenging your representatives to prove their loyalty to your best interest (with twenty dead children and now two dead firemen their proof to overcome) has never been more needed and, indeed, necessary. Productive work whose added, potential physical wealth creating capacities likewise would stand ready to be infinitely leveraged to the benefit of all posterity is in no shortage. What rather is scarce is but political will to remove subversives, starting right at the top with a damned murderer and working down the line on a bi-partisan basis to be sure. These scum bags whose media support is failing in the face of irrationality expressed with semi-automatic weapons are problem #1 whose solution will succinctly reveal yet again how the pen is mightier than the sword.

So, why don't you get to work. If failing your capacity through no fault of your own is ability to creatively express your sense of the evil vexing our society and what must be done to fight this, then say what you feel about what I have been writing since the December 2012 Day of Infamy, and send your thoughts to where you know in your heart they must go. It's easy enough in an email to provide a link to any post here whose poignancy speaks your mind quite well. One elected representative and one constituent at a time is all either you or I need concern ourselves about right now. Any mass movement to be grown is but a function of a will to live that is more than ready to overcome all that is suicidal. Abundance Christians celebrate in this season of joy should bring faith, indeed, the harvest is plentiful.

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