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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Crushing Subversives With a Wall Street Sales Tax

Let's cut through the crap surrounding the so-called "fiscal cliff" and get to the heart of the matter. The exercise we are witnessing has one principle, immediate intention: weaken Congress, this to the effect of making it virtually impotent, thereby setting the stage for rule by executive order, also known as "dictatorship."

The way around this is simple: a Wall Street Sales Tax. In going this route both parties can have their cake and eat it too. Partisan problems involving tax policy, as well as defense and entitlement spending effectively would be solved. The Bush tax cuts could be made permanent and the Budget Control Act of 2011 (mandating across-the-board budget cuts totaling $1 trillion over the next ten years) repealed.

Now, would Congress likewise ice this cake with a bill of impeachment leveled against the murderous Shadow Greek Prime Minister, well, that nasty 2013 I have been supposing not only possible, but likely, probably would not be much delayed following the last note sung in "Au Lang Syne" just after midnight on New Year's Day. Seeing that Dennis Kucinich—the outgoing (redistricted) Democratic congressman from Ohio who a few years back filed bills of impeachment against both Vice President Cheney and then later, President George W. Bush—has just filed a Resolution of Inquiry (H. Res. 819) that would compel the Administration to release to Congress the documents which form the legal basis for the targeted assassination of American citizens abroad, well, you might similarly get the feeling there is a certain urgency behind the push coming from the most corrupt elements within the Washington-Wall Street Axis of Fraud (the likes of whom, no doubt, Kudlow serve) to set up Syria's Assad for the fall, even at the cost of putting chemical weapons into the hands of al Qaeda in Syria, so as to lay the groundwork for consolidating "Il Duce" Attilos' power. An operation like this, of course, would but further employ the same dirty imperial tricks as have brought Syria into focus in the first place. So, Kucinich's resolution is not only refreshing, it likewise appears a sign indicating all things are not what they seem in Fantasy Land. The 100% bonafide fake that has been everything 2012 might very well likely be on the verge of earth shattering exposure. This might also include a well-staged "election" whose outcome probably not insignificantly now ventures behind the scenes to elevate the Mormon role—a group with a known, subversive history—within the intelligence community in an evolving, imperial dictatorship, the very likes of which the so-called "fiscal cliff" specifically has been tailored to cultivate. Thus might certain vote fraud scenarios mysteriously averted (thereby sinking Romney), along with Obama's recent purge of various command generals and subsequent proposal to double the number of foreign spies his administration employs gain proper perspective in filthy British imperial intrigues that, quite possibly are behind these political machinations, as Obama, the Mormon Church, global terrorism, along with deception and fraud more generally, are among the U.K's not-so-secret, albeit lesser well-known products.

Not to be left "out of the loop," so to speak, the Senate, too, recently has rediscovered patriotism can be a rather fashionable necessity when faced with a not-so-well-disguised, "made in Britain" dictator wannabe. Their passage of an amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit the incarceration of any American citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States without charge or trial is another blow against Il Duce. Likewise, South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint's departure announced today for more favorable, fascist climes leading the Heritage Foundation is but another precursor tremor quite possibly rocking Camp Subversion.

There isn't a minute to waste pressing for and passing a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax. The sooner this happens the less likely is a one step back, two steps forward, 9/11 replay. You don't need me to tell you that, the bankrupt imperial pricks whose plaything is the stock market these days find their backs against the wall. The U.S. Congress finally is making this fact clear for anyone with eyes that see. Should a Wall Street Sales Tax become law—even overriding Herr Attilos' likely veto—even the dullest among us will have no trouble understanding the American Revolution is here to stay.

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