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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dr. Copper, the Fed Grim Reaper

One market revealing the counter-productive effect of Capo Confetti's hyperinflationary bailout of hopelessly insolvent U.S. money center banks trades a metal whose use throughout the physical economy is ubiquitous. It goes by the name Dr. Copper...


Since the trans-Atlantic banking system's summer 2011 tumble over the edge of the euro-tomb, the global physical economy's shutdown appears to be proceeding apace. Any strength showing up in the spot copper market over the past year largely appears on the coattails of successive, central bank hyperinflationary deluges, or their mere promise, and these evidently are being met with increasing urgency to sell the metal.

The question now is whether the last pillar supporting the trans-Atlantic banking system—the U.S. Treasury—is about to be kicked out. A certain friend of al Qaeda cutting short his Hawaiian vacation and rushing back to Washington hoping to secure a fraudulent "deal" facilitating a substantial increase in the U.S. Treasury's debt ceiling evidently is determined to see that it is.

How many blind fools there are supposing good intentions underlie the bailout regime! How is it these people refuse to acknowledge the current administration's policy but continues that of every administration before it (since Nixon, generally, and Reagan specifically), each inexorably marching the U.S. Treasury toward bankruptcy? Only buffoons cite Clinton's as an exception to this trend. The ugly truth is a gutted physical economy masked by a fraud-riddled casino sustained by a debt trap invariably exposes an intention to prostrate the U.S. Treasury before an unnatural, ungodly, imperial oligarchy whose utter lack of humanity stands judged indifferent to a state of affairs perpetuating increasing incidents of mass murder of the most irrational sort.

Now consider the euro-tomb crises of the past year, and how these have been managed to the effect of forestalling any reckoning that might reverse the perilous course on which the United States has been embarking over the past forty years, while conditions conducive to all out war have been relentlessly cultivated. First off, and as an aside, should we expect anything less from a political class with an unmistakable penchant for policy accommodating death? How any U.S. institution can back policy whose effect in Greece is leading to the rise in popularity of a neo-Nazi party is, itself, treason of the first order! More critically, though, what better way to destroy the United States than lure it into war against a formidable foe like Russia at a moment finding the nation's industrial base severely atrophied, while only its irrepressible pride and a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons, most notably, remain impregnable. It may take a bit more time and circumstance before a conflict of such magnitude becomes an imminent danger, but what of intrigues hastening this end? What of a president whose ill-advised alliance with al Qaeda in Libya and Syria condemns his administration to being more easily manipulated by true enemies of the state?

The point to be made here is this. Anything facilitating exit from the black box containing policy conducive to death and destruction is worth pursuing, particularly when the fate of the United States hangs in the balance. Per twenty dead innocent angels slaughtered in a society jam packed with mentally ill who have been left to rot in culture consumed with vain fantasy, who among the sane will demure from keeping alive the memory of this shameful tragedy insisting human dignity take precedent over concerns for a mountain of illegitimate debt otherwise doomed to collapse? A so-called "fiscal cliff" effectively exposing the U.S. Treasury's bankruptcy even this very moment? A debt ceiling otherwise animating treasonous, imperial tools? All present opportunities to insist on a new order cultivating life possessing endless potential to grow and prosper, both individually and collectively as the planet's supreme species, while lessening any threat of mass murder on an unprecedented scale.

No shortage of circumstance exposes a casino economy extraordinarily vulnerable to a sudden revulsion of its wares. Irrational social tragedies of late are but a manifestation of this revulsion. In addition the physical economy's challenged state, having endured decades of disinvestment, and now, hyperinflation induced pressures on profit margins, rather is making it tougher to fake expansion amidst increasing shortages, be they born of natural causes (drought) or man-made (induced marginalization and shutdown), as well as relatively depressed demand—itself somewhat astonishing, given the magnitude of efforts to stimulate it, yet altogether not surprising given a fascist policy purposely restraining it.

If, supposedly, the public sector debtor possessing a still highly rated creditworthiness need restrain its voracious appetite for credit, what of an increasingly challenged private sector yet further lured into a debt trap as the bailout regime has been recklessly perpetuated? Those who believe debt securities a bubble whose bursting portends happy days for equities are completely out to lunch. When bond markets blow out, as invariably will happen, nothing will be safe, and this most emphatically includes life itself.

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