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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tag Team Fraud: Whoomp, There It Is

The question now is whether positive market follow-through anticipated here around mid-December has about reached its upper limit...

Relative strength negatively diverging (top panel) and momentum (bottom) both weakening and fading certainly raises the probability trapped weak hands working a broken price discovery mechanism greased with an infinite supply of confetti have but succeeded pushing their zirconium treasure only further into nose bleed territory, and so are all the more poised for a punch in the gut.

Now, although 2015 seems a long time to wait for U.K. dinosaurs to tear up the red carpet their taxed heart simply could not bear to walk, what are the odds sovereign resistance to being eaten alive whose faint whimper in a financial transaction tax was heard yesterday will not much sooner be crushed by runs on banks nearer the heart of the euro-tomb? Wait a minute, what's this? Whoomp, there it is...

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