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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Technical Analysis of Pig Entrails

I'm happy to report my rage tonight will be a hair less palpable than last night. Yet if I might confirm the hardest sentiment, a growing threat of violence directed at high profile media personalities is a most reasonable forecast. Plenty of bad actors out there to whom the push for gun control is a blood pressure raising provocation. The wisdom of gun control as first and foremost legislative imperative in response to growing incidents of mass murder is questionable. Are there any media eunuchs whose conduct today is fearfully guided by "go along to get along" who likewise have considered that, no matter if a gun's clip holds thirty shells or seven, all it takes is one? Our problem is much more severe than a lack of gun control. Likewise the last thing we need right now is divisive provocation.

Speaking for my generation, it's not well enough I can consider myself lucky to be blessed with memories from earliest elementary school years of a United States sending men into space, while those today that same age must fear being gunned down by robots of a subversive national security state. And if not that, then watching their mom or dad perish in buildings doomed to collapse, and this but for some nefariously intended effect. Pardon me for jumping to conclusions, but choking on intrigue for more years than any decent human being ought be subjected to, the gag reflex just comes naturally. Such is consequence of a lifetime burdened by feckless political leadership.

One thing Peter Kuznick mentioned about JFK really raises my ire toward President Obama. It was Kennedy's willingness to stand his ground against his Joint Chiefs of Staff, which at that time evidently was a renegade element inclined to sabotage established institutions of political organization in ventures effectively hijacking constitutional order. Both Benghazi and Newtown amply appear the same, and yet but an extension of foul harvests of hatred against the United States deviously sewn by a subversive cabal running wild ever since Kennedy was assassinated, with this latest incident only fostering internal hatred at that. Clearly the president has been thrown off balance by it. There's only one way back. If leadership fails decisive pursuit of a unifying, face-saving way out, then unimaginable chaos looms. Already this is at the door. Nothing inside the box containing Ivy League rejects is going to prevent further chaos from crashing down on us. An abrupt reversal of policy objectives either will find willing leadership, or failing this, make fodder of mankind. Our choices are abrupt reversal or die.

I have said this before and I will say it again. There is more work to be done than you can shake a stick at. Windmills and solar panels ain't cuttin' it. Nor are "jobs." Anyone can sell a hamburger (or pig entrails in lower Manhattan for that matter). Leadership recognizes money is not the issue. The issue is will to accomplish difficult tasks leaving humanity in a better position to prosper. Difficult tasks would meet the drive of those more adventurous souls whose satisfaction today in the arena of feckless leadership is offered principally in war. Plainly, we are miles from the best we can do organizing a citizenry imbued with freedom to secure life's abundance.

You simply cannot convince me Syria and Iran are roadblocks. Yet an abrupt reversal here will require an appeal to that larger element in the military who recognizes the true enemy of the United States is the very same that once motivated a Declaration of Independence: that very precious document missing from the so-called Syrian opposition's arsenal, which absent matter of principle unwise friends of the British Foreign Office today endorse. We've got a name for this. It's treason, McCain. Yes, treason, Kerry. The "responsibility to protect" applies only to moral battles already won, one of these being sovereign self-determination, a principle made all the more legitimate with formal statement seeking a "decent respect for the opinions of man," oh feckless ones.

Would any of these Ivy League rejects imagine taking Eisenhower's lead and propose joining Russia in a Strategic Defense of the Earth—a policy in fact bringing Reagan's call for a Strategic Defense Initiative to its moment of opportunity? They'd better, or chaos at the initiation of the true enemy of the United States is at hand.

It's time Venetian masters of make-work and money grab be sent packing. Do we really need garbage men competing for business? What of those whose idea of creativity is forming marketing schemes working actuarial tables? This is innovation? Truly, we should rejoice finding this moment with more work than you can shake a stick at coincidentally joined by much wasted talent. Likewise that a most widely subscribed bastion of credibility now is fading in the shadow of a rickety shack no cover of green paint could create the illusion of being a mansion...


Look what it takes to go exactly nowhere! Masters of technical analysis take note. Once fortunes fail as badly as is forecast, then reverse, strong hands accumulating shares will do so while the majority of listed issues remain in persistent decline.

From the NYSE Composite's top in 2007 to now—a level about 15% lower—a still rising NYSE cumulative advance-decline line today far, far in excess of where it stood at its 2007 peak verily is required to sustain even the index's compromised level at present. In layman terms, pathetic. In market terms, monetarism fail. In political terms, Lincoln challenged. Apparently it is possible to fool everyone all the time. Then again, tomorrow is another day.

Just as the majority of NYSE-listed issues today persistently are growing dearer in price while, overall, the effect on the Composite Index is muted, looking ahead once bottom finally is reached—this still slated to occur within the range major indexes traded in the 1987-1994 period—the majority of issues likely will grow cheaper, this while the index stabilizes and solidifies its bottom.

Tuck that one away. It may be a while. Then again, it might be tomorrow. Who knows what mass murderers have up their sleeve? Today it was university students in Aleppo. Tomorrow maybe Berkeley.

Fortunately for students there, bankrupt connoisseurs of pig entrails once again are well-hedged. Doubly fortunate, as insurance costs suffered by yield-starved behemoths are a screaming bargain. Yet diminishing assurance of continued price appreciation revolves around this one question "when everyone is in, who will continue buying?"

I will give Tom DeMark this on his AAPL call. The stock's improving momentum since mid-November 2012 (see MACD) supports his forecast bounce. Then again, another negative signal line crossover occurring while admittedly improving momentum still is negative could prove a red flag. This week's AAPL gap lower to a post-peak low is a headwind raising odds that flag will wave.

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