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Friday, January 18, 2013

Chaotic Equilibrium Threshold

Whether warnings of currency wars coming from both Russia and Germany are but idle threats issued at the periphery of the trans-Atlantic banking system by representative dinosaurs choking on a morass in part of their own making, or signal an intention to unleash the full force of hyperinflationary destruction present policy invariably portends, we simply would be naive to think growing calls coming from high places for the breakup of hopelessly insolvent money center banks somehow is unrelated. Rather what appears to be the case is that, everyone is on the same page now. Thus from both sides of the equation do we see indications of imminent chaos.

Continuing capacity to occupy the middle ground on which Japan has taken to over the past 20+ years in all probability has reached its limit. Collapsed confidence in a massively hyperinflated, securities-based financial system is at its inevitable destination at the doorstep of doom. Years gone by suffering an impinged supply of those AAA-rated trinkets (discredited objects of the "magic of the market") the trans-Atlantic banking system for decades has pretended are representative assets worthy infinite leverage places us at the brink of disaster. A devastating tsunami, a great earthquake, an explosive volcanic eruption all have their precursors. We're experiencing these presently in warnings of currency war.

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One day soon we could awaken to a terrified collective of financial lepers who find gravely under siege their increasingly demand-challenged claims on commerce. No rigged market, reckless central bank, nor insane national treasury will be capable of forestalling collapse of a colossal mountain of worthless, unpayable debt whose principal purpose at present only but the most committed subversive could deny is serving to marginalize the very means by which lasting wealth, indeed, is created. Simmering disdain for a criminal network at last seen perpetuating the complete destabilization of global commerce. let alone social tranquility, thus will be set to explode in recriminations the likes of which no whining fee junkie otherwise destroying the full faith and credit of the United States Treasury, let alone a murderous cult feeding an out-of-control national security state, will possess sufficient resources to withstand should a vicious, general revolt indeed develop.

All fairly discredited, yet still inexorably tumbling into the abyss, a binding, tragic deception presently is sustained behind a thin veil whose substance is formed in pure fantasy, the likes barely masking the mass grave into which the globe otherwise is being led. Resistance thus naturally can be expected to strengthen defenses against those possessing the means to spread unimaginable fear and terror at home and abroad. The challenge, as ever, will be withstanding further intrigue leading to slaughter, financial and in the flesh, of a magnitude greater than anything yet seen. Thus, too, the urgent imperative to reinstate Glass-Steagall, reconstitute the Bank of the United States and initiate challenging national missions worthy the 21st century.

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