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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Key Threat to Utter Collapse

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had some interesting things to say at last week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. There probably isn't a chaos-loving imperialist on the planet who isn't relishing Medvedev's admission that, danger of a global slump in raw material markets remains a key threat to the Russian economy.

Yet given smokescreens behind which political proclamations typically are couched, one wonders if the Bank of al Qaeda (Saudi Arabia) might be perceiving a different message. Enraged imperialists and al Qaeda's logistical enablers, evidently unable to hide their shame for having graduated at the bottom of their class at the Adolf Hitler School of Military Intrigue, could not help but sick their wild attack dog on Syria, blowing smoke right back in Russia's face.

Does our president ready for an "al Qaeda" strike on the homeland? Could his "team" of imperial lap dogs even discern this risk? Would an already enraged citizenry demand "sequestration" gut the nation's seditious, out-of-control, child murdering national security state should the Ivy League fail yet again? 

Where in God's name is Capo Confetti's grease going?!! Yet another volume betrayal of market "strength."

Medvedev's message, all the more substantiated with his revelation of a concerted effort to keep Russian energy supplies off the market and highlighting Russia's "[concern] over stagnation and the banking crisis in Europe, debt problems in the US and China’s structural risks," finds its rationale in a crude oil market whose demand evidently is becoming increasingly challenged. This being the case in the physical realm, and belying claims of economic recovery, what of a financial realm, itself, increasingly demand challenged, as well?

When you're venturing chaos whose intention over the next decade is consolidation of a global empire corralling marginalized, expendable slaves, economic collapse followed by hyperinflationary blowout might best be seen an effective means to reaching this objective. No better place to make this happen than a vital commodity whose imperial marshaling in a technologically restrained world (purposely imposed over the past forty years and only furthered with windmills) represents a key threat to all humanity, let alone Russia. Phase I, already well advanced, appears nearing its crescendo in utter collapse...

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