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Friday, January 25, 2013

Life Imitating Art?

Quite the lovers' spat on CNBC today! In case you missed the verbal joust here it is...

Let's see Dr. Frankenstein hold that VIX down now! This heated exchange inspires all the confidence of a mushroom cloud. We certainly can better imagine, too, the intensity of institutional pressures stirred up by systemic problems that are vastly more perplexing than issues driving this Ackman-Icahn tiff.

Evidently, there's a personal vendetta underlying differences of opinion these two have on Herbalife. You almost wonder if Ackman is goading Icahn, playing the public part in something larger that's venturing to hang Icahn out to dry. Judging by Icahn's disposition, he appears ripe for the raping. Could be, too, this particular dispute is just greasing the works for something bigger. Maybe a diversion?

Yee ha, lots of volatility here. This stock is not out of the woods, either. Yet desperation has been shown to breed the unexpected, hasn't it? Be that as it may, it's getting rather late in the game of Ponzi finance to suppose a company being called a Ponzi scheme will find buyers usefully assisting those who this month lifted Herbalife's shares off the mat. These certainly have put up quite a sum, relatively speaking, to shock this stock back to life. Which is not to say some of it could not have been Ackman's doing, this even assuming Icahn might step in and unknowingly take the bait.

Funny thing, too, is everywhere you turn these days there's Oliver Stone talking about his new project called "The Untold History of the United States." Was today's colorful display possibly but karma in life imitating art?

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