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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quaking Coward-in-Chief

"We gotta stop lurching from crisis to crisis to crisis," says our coward-in-chief!

Yeah. he should tell it to the national security state apparatus which, by the way, reports directly to him. You know, the people who were at Sandy Hook Elementary even before the local police arrived! Probably the rapid response team the federal government keeps in the woods surrounding school grounds coast-to-coast, there to "protect the future of the nation's children," no doubt.

The man had better grow some balls, and quick. Double the gutless wonders in the media. There's only one way to reduce gun violence. Dismantle the national security state and tax the fuck out of its paymaster Wall Street. We're all very sick of pretending these out-of-control pricks are "respectable businessmen." They're criminals and it's obvious Washington, D.C. is one of their "Special Purpose Vehicles." A hapless Department of Justice, in fact already implicated in the INCREASE in gun violence (Fast and Furious), is proof any of these feckless cowards in the media could, should and had better go with, lest these too become fodder at the hands of outraged citizens who see no choice but provoke confrontation challenging treason displayed in soft touch given seditious murderers so-called "respectable businessmen" animate. No Maria, we have dysfunction in the media, not Congress, and you, girl, are part of the problem.

Permission granted to email this post to your local newspaper's editor, as well as radio and television station managers. There's probably not much time before an uncontrollable rage is directed at these folks, and your confirming their likely already established fear might be appreciated. We would be remiss not to present a face-saving way out worthy their investigation: "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA." This view need take hold, that seditious criminals running roughshod over institutions of our federal government be stopped. A so-called "dysfunctional" Congress need be emboldened. Only then, too, will revenues being squeezed from local law enforcement be promptly restored. Speaking of which, permission granted to email this to your municipality's police chief and sheriff, as well.

This would be an appropriate moment to reaffirm support for a 1% Wall Street Transaction Sales Tax. In case you're unaware the federal government's tax receipts as a percentage of GDP is at a 60 year low, this according to U.S. Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. Spending is not the problem, this especially when we come to terms with the past decade's reality finding the greater bulk of Treasury outlays supporting a hopelessly insolvent banking system and an out-of-control national security apparatus.

Mystifying is why cowards in the media will not even go so far as to point out the fact there positively is no threat to the U.S. Treasury, nor is one even on the horizon if criminals who have run the banking system and global economy into the ground wish to sustain their present game of solvency make believe. Oh, but someday there might be a problem? Well, someday the earth might be hit by a meteor, too, hundreds of meters in size, whose devastating effect in fact might threaten life itself! I don't see anyone squawking about that threat. They should be. Why not? The extraterrestrial risk is more real than that facing the U.S. Treasury in fact. And to those who defer to the Federal Reserve's extraordinary support given via quantitative easing, truth is were this not forthcoming the rush into U.S. Treasury securities would be unstoppable. The Fed's "support" ventures only to sustain the ruse the garbage choking the trans-Atlantic banking system—made on Wall Street with no small assistance from the City of London and corrupt rating agencies to boot—someday will be made whole. Trouble is QE now taken to infinity belies this ruse. One way or another the garbage the Fed is "bailing out" will recover pennies on the dollar, if not in real money transacted, then in purchasing power.

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