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Monday, January 07, 2013

Nature Abhors Cannibalism

Y'all ready for world war? An unconstitutional debt ceiling and a reckless Venetian insurance company contemplating suing (on 5th amendment grounds) the government that saved it from bankruptcy are not among top news items we should be pondering in the background, where overshadowing valuations given to a mountain of garbage is earnings power by no means priced to conditions sure to affect fortunes once our likely expulsion from financial limbo soon comes about. Rather, activation in Turkey of Patriot missile batteries possibly aiming to light a fire in Southwest Asia should be dominating discussion, with breaks in the coverage only leaving room for courageous inquiry into a possible conspiracy behind the murder of innocent children, this for a cause uncertain, yet plain enough to be recognized positively un-American in principle. Rather quite a disgusting subversion was Newtown!

Why does the element pushing war and police state persistently gravitate to the very least attractive alternative? Is it fear of losing powerful place in society? Or is it simply lack of creativity? There's no future in cannibalism! Life's soul cannot tolerate it and nothing mankind could devise will change this. Yet could Nature wipe mankind from the face of the earth? In a heartbeat! Thus must mankind grow in mastery of Nature if it is to be proven Nature's uplifting intention in a cause we are barely wise enough even to imagine. To this truth the American Revolution as a principle gave Nature's calling its political representation. It's times like these we can be thankful, too, for a history at whose beginning was representation whose creativity devised institutions time has proven are best suited to organizing national affairs in recognition of Nature's equitable access to its abundance.

To economy and its engine of finance is Hamilton's bank facilitating all things (both in the sciences and the humanities) raising to fullness America's productive commercial dealings. Upon this bank's framework dollars exchanged venture becoming more valuable, as measured by what their purchasing power gains from Nature whose mastery we more or less are equitably disposed in potential. By this measure, indeed, is social cohesion that is facilitated by any banking system—this broadly measured, say, by commercial activity—judged either a success or failure.

Defending commerce inclusively fostering mastery over Nature no doubt is wise, yet what of a military posture otherwise exposed adventurous and provocative in the face of truth there exist far more worthy pursuits equitably exploiting abundant resources we scarcely have learned how to use, both to ours and Nature's all inclusive benefit? If arms are not raised in defense of this pursuit, then they are raised toward acts of cannibalism. As such, the man in the White House, playing into such ignorant, disgusting, yet no less real prejudices as have stained the American record, does a disservice to what were intended all inclusive principles giving the American cause eternal purpose. Those calling him weak undoubtedly are justified. Of course, not any more than those same standard bearers recently preceding him. Rather only truly standing out in the American conscience is his being first among oppressed, and finally unprincipled to any degree notably harmonious with that regrettably compromised intention Nature otherwise could not forever deny the American experience were it in fact genuinely conceived, which uncertainty was alleviated by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Cannibalism by no means could ever justify any cause, not even one whose victims once were abused and enslaved. How many Hitlers must there be before physical reality bounding Nature is universally ascribed to and no longer resisted?

So, too, is overtly hyperinflationary policy in place since the Nixon administration in August 1971 ended the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates a manifestation of cannibalism. Only the more graphically exposed is this physical state since the 2008 collapse of Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme. The ever-intensifying push for cannibalistic war is but a natural outgrowth of entropy afflicting the creative capacities of those whose slavish obeisance to some phantom value inherent in money divorced from—indeed, at war with—mankind's supreme position in Nature represents a fallacy of composition no friend of the American Revolution can tolerate. All around masquerading as "leaders" are nothing but a pack of savages proving education is no panacea. What good is capacity to read the U.S. Declaration of Independence and federal Constitution when ability to bring to life the fullness of Nature therein recognized is endlessly shown an alien skill to those disposed to eating Satan sandwiches? Filthy cannibals! Yet might we suppose Nature so vitally determined to make mankind's civility an enduring trait that, even a modern-day member of Britain's aristocracy would reach out to English-speaking cousins in the United States and implore taming a beast today only the more poised to devour the world? Time will tell and you had better play a part, or otherwise prepare yourself to be eaten...

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