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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Curiosity Kills the Garbage Party

Finally — finally! — more wildly overpriced garbage has come to the party being thrown by the criminally insane celebrating imminent central bank destruction of core, trans-Atlantic banking system credit markets...


Yet someone has to pay for the Kool Aid being served to prop up this junk...


My, my, despite some mighty weak punch the party's early arrivals continue dropping like flies. Maybe if they rest a bit, they can drink more of the sugar saturated brew being spewed from the rumor mill. The Count's fascist crew will be stirring up the Reichsbank's punch bowl tomorrow and there is much hope-filled anticipation the Bundesbank will give its nod of approval allowing the Kool Aid be spiked with enough bathtub gin to keep too big to fail fee junkies hosting the party in the mood to forego yet more human sacrifice. Too bad this will not be possible.

Still, no one in the sane world comprising the vast majority of peace loving human beings, the likes of whom were ejected from the party about twelve years ago, is raring for more sauce from the Export Inflation Bank (EIB), a.k.a. the Federal Reserve, and its foreign subsidiaries, the Reichsbank in Brussels and the Bank of Imperial Offshore Casinos located in London (the likes of which is so efficient thousands are employed working out of a post office box!).

No, the sane demand Glass-Steagall, sovereign national banking providing an immovable financial anchor in a modern, well-connected world, and challenging careers worthy human existence, whose certain, positive, lasting effect the likes of Alexander Hamilton well understood. On this latter note congratulations go out to the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for their success this week landing the Curiosity explorer on Mars. Those who begrudge money spent on such endeavors simply do not understand the idea of sound investment, the likes of which pay for themselves many times over in both direct and indirect spinoffs accruing from assets assembled to accomplish such difficult tasks as this Mars landing was.

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