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Monday, August 13, 2012

Picture Simply Devastating

What's straight ahead could be this picture of simply devastating...

$NYA weekly

Just look at weekly momentum (bottom panel). It looks a lot like Syria. Both ominously point downward.

One report I heard yesterday from Syria was of dead lawyers being thrown from the tops of buildings in Aleppo. I am unable to find any confirmation of this, however. The victims range from postal workers, to militia loyal to the government, to Syrian army special forces.

I wanted to ask how everyone in the Ivy League was feeling about dead lawyers being thrown from the tops of buildings in Aleppo. Yet the victims in this particular incident really do not matter. What does is the fact a rebel force consisting mainly of military brigands aligned with al Qaeda are terrorizing Syria in a manner far more aggressive and barbaric than did Nazis in Germany as Hitler was consolidating his power during the early 1930s, and this the President of the United States and his administration backs!

What betrayal! So, you have to wonder whether the Ivy League will go on crying like Boehner soft selling its standard fare of sophistry in support of an administration making Nixon's look like a cub scout pack? Or will it grow some nuts and get it up with Bill Black?

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