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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waiting and Watching a Fraud Nemesis

While we patiently wait for the CBOE Put/Call Ratio and the Volatility Index to signal impending danger, this with each measure's momentum crossing into positive territory, as well as the NYSE Bullish Percent Index likewise entering a red zone well proven these past few years when its RSI crosses below 30 — these conditions setting up major indexes for a trip south that should see them approaching their respective lows of last year — here's an instructive interview with the man who would make a fine U.S. Attorney General were outraged Americans to come to their senses and reject the two fascists currently running for President...

Neil Barofsky has been on a terror since his book "Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street" was released a few weeks ago. Now, do you suppose the Republican piece of empty promise would ever think to bury his Democratic counterpart echoing Barofsky's message? Of course not. His take instead is certain to sound more like the blind to fraud crew at CNBC whose interview of Barofsky today was disgraceful. The "TARP turned a profit" line is so stale. How politically convenient is a coverup, where in fact non-TARP loans were used to "pay back" TARP. The fraud just never ends. A president pushing the Nazi envelope employing incredible deception in a disinformation campaign targeting Syria, this to posture the nation for yet more war, speaks for itself. Anyone with eyes can see the bankrupt pricks are just desperate for cover needed to mask Wiemar-like hyperinflation the Fed is busy pretending possibly unnecessary. This would be true, of course, only if too big to fail titans of tyranny were about to be let go, and that's not likely to be on the agenda of oh so respectable authorities hooked on fraud.

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