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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hack and the Hacker Brigade

The verdict is in: Europe has nothing in place to back the Count's talk last week with a promised walk into the hyperinflationary deep end...

So, it looks like extortion will be the name of the game hastening a "long-term solution" otherwise finding the likes of Spain and Italy with little time to wait beneath a mountain of debt needing refinancing. Geithner says he went to Europe to see "what's in place." Whether he knows it or not his purpose likely was that a banking dictatorship's attack might then be planned.

Speaking of attacks, today's "trading glitch" at HFT firm Knight Capital Group, as well as the huge power outage in India both could be the Fuehrer's work (read the stories I have linked to). Well, the latter especially. Both from separate departments in Team Fraud's Hacker Brigade. In the early days of the Occupy rage it was ventured here that, 99% of the 1% in hyperinflationary breakdown likewise would meet poverty. Welcome Knight Capital!

Here the common means of theft and extortion, technology — proven by way of White House leaks — makes for poignant commentary on the ever shameless face of an imperial racket. Of course, any participation in this coming from agencies of a sovereign, representative government such as the United States is an abomination, or as they say, an Obama-nation. New leadership that had better soon rise to the occasion in Congress could find this line of inquiry rather quieting.

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