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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Offshore Not Far Enough From the Fuehrer

Recently, the Tax Justice Network published a report called, "The Price of Offshore Revisited" that got some mainstream mention, and then — Gomer Pyle — was swept under the rug. Over the past couple weeks, though, the Real News Network has kept the story alive interviewing the report's author, James S. Henry. Consider this story juicy steak worth savoring.

What's significant about this is the architecture of the Fuehrer's banking dictatorship is seeing the light of day. Likewise is a face saving way out for those sheltering wealth from tax liabilities, the likes of which otherwise will be doomed by hyperinflationary blowout at the hands of criminally insane central bankers installed in their posts for that very reason (ditto the morally bankrupt Obama administration). Plainly, this sheltered money is best invested pushing Glass-Steagall hard. Otherwise great sums all too likely soon will be stolen.

Now, the issue of illicitly acquired capital aside (the drug trade and theft from national treasuries are two sources mentioned) — righteous rage over regulatory capture awaits revelation over whether the United States is the sort of "Christian nation" that could make fundamentalist looney bins who say so wish they hadn't — beyond Glass-Steagall there is the crucial matter of sovereign national banking financing creation of state-of-the-art physical economic platforms whose capacity must serve to significantly raise the economy's throughput, while productively employing every living soul willing to work. Indeed, this is the necessary path forward if today's wealth sheltered offshore ever is to see the taxman, and this gladly.

Otherwise, I have bad news for the vast majority who are sheltering their wealth offshore. The Fuehrer is about to unleash his Monetary Blitzkrieg Division and today's wealth is well positioned to become tomorrow's tear-stained wallpaper. And don't those behind the FT's July 3rd call for Glass-Steagall know it!

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