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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Weighing Machine Votes Confetti Clone Fail

Mercy, the hopelessly insolvent are squealing like stuck pigs for Confetti clone Janet Yellen! Well, hold the champagne because the Senate Banking Committee has a Corker in it and a Warren with an axe to grind for the bad taste in financial acumen Team Fraud's boy in the White House has displayed to her considerable, personal detriment. The very fact CNBC went out of its way today to present Yellen as a shoe in speaks volumes about a fantasy-riddled con becoming more difficult to sustain with each passing day.

I dare say the old girl's odds are not so good, because the U.S. economy has made absolutely no progress since 2008, while the financial system is far less stable now than it was then, contrary to Ms. Yellen's pronouncements, which conveniently ignore the fact lenders of last resort are all in, unlike 2008. Her day 1 display of a myopic, fantasy driven, static viewpoint portends a train wreck in the U.S. Treasury market and a dollar tumbling into the abyss.

Indeed, the last thing we can look forward to in this nominee's future, how ever brief, is stability...

Take that, shoe in. Looks like a sharp Ginsu knife. As you may remember, these can cut through tin cans, so a thick blanket of sophistry covering a gigantic mountain of unsustainable, illegitimate debt atop which sit "banks" whose capital is thinner than Gandhi probably doesn't stand a chance. The weighing machine appears to have voted Confetti clone fail. More imminently, today's verdict is the market has further to fall, as the CBOE Put/Call ratio moving decidedly above its 200-day moving average rather clearly indicates.

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