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Monday, October 14, 2013

The United English States v. Bankrupt Venetian Oligarchy

Although we live in extraordinary times, most remain blind to it. Today there is real risk the asset class called equities sometime in the not-too-distant future will be threatened with extinction, at least in present form generally. Some "out with the old, in with the new" reorganization whose coming will be subsequently masked for all time by macro, index-based views, such as are detailed here, surely will mark events on the immediate horizon. A swollen market of corporate debt, ultimately unpayable, virtually guarantees this. What's more, this fear-worthy inevitability represents a best case outcome. Much worse just as likely could ensue.

The means by which leverage higher up in the capital structure has been facilitated, exploding the supply of credit securities in the modern, post-Bretton Woods era, and the imperative to protect (bailout) and fortify (bail-in) the claims on wealth this mountain of credit securities represents introduces a dynamic far more dangerous and threatening than existed in the 1929-1932 period. Herein is the very threat of the destruction of capitalism altogether, and today's commonality with the orchestrated collapse of the Florentine banking empire in the 14th century, leaving Venice in a position to pick up the pieces, all the while exposing itself as the center of an evil cult whose machinations opened the door for the Black Death to spread throughout Europe.

Today's Venetian cult is headquartered in London and is busy attempting to destroy the one-and-only refuge against its ageless machinations to impose its will on the world, that a long reigning oligarchy assimilated there over the past several centuries sustain its influence over the world's affairs, and so remain at their center. The object of this oligarchy's present attention is "the full faith and credit" of the United States Treasury.

We should have no illusions here. In the eyes of today's Venetian oligarchy the British Royal Family is entirely expendable, just as the destruction of the constitutional republic called the United States of America is eminently desirable. Thus is it worthwhile to throw into the aether the extraordinary idea that, wisdom might better advise the British aristocracy reorganize its political system to mimic that of the better part of the English-speaking world. There's no reason the Royal Family could not be assigned the role of a permanent Executive, nor the House of Lords made into a Senate. Meanwhile the House of Commons could function like the U.S. House of Representatives, with today's Prime Minister becoming House Speaker. The critical point of this desirable reorganization (and I would submit necessary, too, if the English of the Eastern Hemisphere are to avoid a terrible slaughter) is that, ultimate political power rest with that political body directly accountable to those being governed. Here in the U.S. Congress has the final say, through power to override an Executive veto. Not so today in the U.K., where the common man remains a "subject" and not a citizen equal to his or her permanent rulers.

Why the U.K. should bother pursing such profound political change is answered by incredibly elevated odds the world presently is at the brink of financial, economic and social calamity whose only known precedent in the Common Era is the collapse of civilization occurring in Western Europe in the 14th century. There should be no illusions about this threat, whose potential to adversely affect everything from the bottom of the social order straight up to the top is profound.

Yet were such a desirable turn of affairs in the UK to have any hope of becoming reality, necessarily required will be a political renaissance in today's refuge of the English-speaking world whose shores are buffeted by two great oceans. Needing assertion, right here and right now, is the fullness of spirit in the nation's founding principles, such as are eloquently stated in the U.S. Constitution's Preamble. More than a face-saving means of protecting the best of civilized culture, English and beyond, need be advanced at this extraordinarily critical moment, however. We need unlikely, forsaken allies hungry to belong. Victims of the Venetian slave system—a common, timeless characteristic of the true enemies of mankind and God alike—all need be joined here.

Thus are those who today would enslave the United States to its Treasury's debt more than irrational racists. These treasonous subversives wrap themselves in the Constitution only to then reveal their "enlightenment" judging slavery color blind! Have no doubt, this is a bi-partisan plague. Any so-called "leader" advocating austerity for the sake of "fiscal responsibility" is promoting the Venetian slave system, and is a self-declared enemy of both man and God alike. Theirs is treason to the United States to be sure.

In no way is Justice established, domestic Tranquility insured, the common defence provided, the general Welfare promoted and Liberty secured enslaving a free people to an indebtedness whose existence is the very work of an enemy to freedom whose every effort over many centuries, let alone the past several decades, has ventured to shackle and kill all manner of creative means for advancing harmony among God's creation, the likes of which finds mankind, blessed with cognition and inclined toward reason, at the very top. Those today whose actions even so much as threaten a U.S. Treasury default must be fought, discredited and thrown out.

For the sake of countering evil political forces, then—let's not mince words—do we here advocate the U.S. Congress seize the Federal Reserve and transform it into a Hamiltonian national bank issuing credit to finance the build out of a physical economy worthy the 21st century, venturing this to such profound extent as brings today's 30 million U.S. citizens desperate for productive work coming up short of what's actually needed, thereby raising motivation to open U.S. borders, that but more of the world's tired, huddled masses be welcomed. Similarly, for the sake of those today in dire need do we advocate a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, that, first, the safety net provided those in whom the nation already has made a considerable investment be fortified and, second, that the means of leveraging our citizenry's creative potential resulting from investment already made be foremost advanced.

These two policies need be brought to the forefront in resistance to today's push in Congress aiming to subdue every U.S. citizen's natural right to life, liberty and happiness through contrived enslavement to the national debt in a cause advanced by intellectual misfits advocating vicious austerity in tribute to unrepentant criminals—all of whom, both foreign and domestic, are animated by today's Venetian-modeled oligarchy—whose recklessness has brought the U.S. Treasury to its knees and evidently will not cease until Treasury is dead and buried. We see plainly how austerity is working in Europe and we must have none of it here. Americans must see themselves not nearly as submissive as, say, the Irish, whose Prime Minister now claims the bailout regime to which it submitted these past few years will come to its conclusion in December, while the austerity regime this ill-gotten bailout policy coincidentally imposed on the Irish citizenry is set to live on indefinitely. What have the Irish gained from this? Respect among criminals? Well, they can have it on their island which now has more in common with other things where the sun don't shine. The Irish are by no means out of the woods, and never will be so long as the insolvent euro-zone core remains ripe for criminal picking. Supra-national EMU suppression of the Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, Greeks and Italians is certain to continue once core countries too are made victims, robbed blind—swindled—just as their fellow Venetian dupes in the euro-zone periphery have been already. Prime Minister Kenney can sell Ireland's so-called "success" to the west wind blowing toward London, because most Americans simply don't buy it.

Here on the political home front we recognize gloating over the Republican party's evident will to self destruct is entirely misplaced. Neither party has yet advocated Congress seize the Fed. Neither party has yet offered up a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to cure the U.S. Treasury's revenue needs. Both parties remain in the running, then, to lead the charge raising the urgency of these two necessary policies. Both parties will remain utterly useless and worthy destruction shunning these viable policy alternatives.

Meanwhile, provocateurs who went unchallenged dismantling entry barriers set up at the World War II memorial in Washington, carrying these to the White House and hurling them onto the lawn, rather suggest that, equally useless is a national security state bureaucracy whose dereliction of duty infers some treasonous intention in apparent willingness to facilitate a coup d'├ętat. So, our opposition to austerity is not entirely unbending, then, so long as there is good cause.

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