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Friday, October 25, 2013

NSA Paves the Way for Euro Swindle

So, what is up with this week's revelations of NSA spying on European and other world leaders? And how does the German weekly magazine, Der Spiegel "research" into this matter and become compelled to forward to German intelligence its finding that, Chancellor Angela Merkel's cell phone was being bugged by the NSA?
"While European leaders have generally been keen to play down the impact of the whistleblowing disclosures in recent months, events in the EU's two biggest countries this week threatened an upward spiral of lack of trust in transatlantic relations."

We simply must see this "upward spiral of lack of trust in transatlantic relations" the very intention behind this week's revelations. As for the act of NSA eavesdropping itself, we might assume this is how Team Fraud stays ahead of the curve and plots its way forward. That there could be a dual purpose here to these intelligence service intrigues seems a reasonable conclusion. Certainly, soured relations between the U.S. and the E.U. would serve a London-originated effort to weaken the institution of the U.S. presidency, and by extension advance a developing intention—a work in progress—aiming to bring the City into a more favorable position relative to Wall Street.

The French Le Monde and German Der Spiegel being among"the most prestigious press organs in the world," for some reason initiated this week's trans-Atlantic fracas. Selling advertising surely was at best a secondary objective. Something bigger is brewing, and has nothing to do with the Grand Fascist Bargain, as that thing is DOA.

Seeing the euro-zone being squeezed in the straightjacket of a currency crushing its periphery, while its core is put under greater pressure to dismantle its physical productive capacity, competitively priced out of the global market as a result of being beneficiary to hot money flows momentarily propping up a hopelessly insolvent banking system, we might reasonably conclude something has to give. Likewise reasonable is suspicion that, this week's deep state intrigues are intended to hasten a crisis in the euro-zone, that the "give" come sooner rather than later.

One step back promotes euro strength pressuring the euro-zone's core, while two steps forward come when a periphery weighing on the core is but more decidedly broken. Oddly enough we heard nothing about NSA spying on either the Spanish or the Italian governments. Thus, might French and German "outrage" over NSA spying be little more than cover for a euro swindle in the works. The mechanism for "explaining" market forces set to break the euro-zone's periphery appears to have been set into motion this week.

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