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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fascist Left and Right Together Bite Satan Sandwich

Here's your worthy rant over tonight's capitulation of Fascist Left to the generally indistinguishable agenda of Fascist Right. So called "Democrats"—holding all the cards, among which included military veterans and Social Security recipients whose benefits were being withheld, as well as furloughed government employees denied a paycheck as a result of the federal government's shutdown—have put on a disgusting display snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And so the political agenda set by insolvent albatrosses who own these jellyfish remains perfectly intact. Bankrupting the U.S. Treasury still is the plain intention—anyone with a functioning braincell should be able to see this—which mark remains dead center in the crosshairs.

What pathetic excuses for "leaders." The spineless jellyfish in the White House is the worst of all. What was the point of allowing a shutdown when by simple executive order, this could have been averted? Was this the means by which Fascist Left could do its part to keep all eyes fixed on that feigned Republican attack against the Affordable Care Act, while the real intention of this whole shutdown exercise could slip under the radar? As if Tea Party tools of Venetian buttons on Wall Street were serious about withholding the mega-subsidy to Venice's insurance "industry" the Affordable Care Act delivers! Get real! This so-called opposition to "Obamacare" served only to solidify Fascist Right's base, while killer austerity—economically devastating and a frontal attack on every last principle the U.S. federal government is supposed to uphold and defend—was given a free pass by an oh so penetrating "free press," as intended. By no means did Republican subversives lose, and this because Democratic subversives handed them victory. Yet another bite of the Satan Sandwich their shutdown now forces the American people to swallow.

Still, "enlightened" racists who believe slavery should be color blind are rather mistaken thinking further enslavement of Americans to the U.S. Treasury's debt will not devastate those masters of a treasonous austerity policy whose enterprise in fact is hopelessly insolvent and doomed. "Fiscal sustainability" Fascist Left calls the Satan Sandwich. Well, just as those better informed Americans outside the mental retardation grid that is the mainstream media demanded proof of Syrian President Assad's use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, so too do we demand proof of this "fiscal sustainability." Where in Europe do we see this working to any degree acceptable to the high standards of American leadership, oh Fascist Left? Who doesn't know the truth there is no example of austerity's success, past or present? Evidently, only these spineless, fascist jellyfish in Washington.

So now we have a reprieve until early next year. Fascist Left says there won't be a repeat performance of the federal government's shutdown. Yet if this were true, then the very least these pathetic hacks could have won would have been repeal of the law putting a ceiling on the Treasury's debt. Why didn't the Democratic party's "leadership" shoot for this? They're fascists! They're owned by bankrupt albatrosses whose garbage is backed only by the nation's mighty nuclear arsenal and nothing else. The debt ceiling is little more than a 14th amendment short circuiting mechanism, and it's there for fascists to do what they always do: run wild over humanity. And run wild again they most certainly will. Our fascist-in-chief still is hot for a "Grand Bargain" which to promote death and destruction euphemistically called "fiscal sustainability." This push now conveniently will be made in the dead of winter when a mass strike is least likely to occur.

The one silver lining to this madness came today by way of Warren Buffett's claim that, "banks are in the best shape than [anytime] I can remember." Swell, then, this makes demand for a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax all the more palatable! It's obvious spineless jellyfish in Washington calling themselves "leaders" are going to need this policy if there's any desire among them to remain in power. Yet being fascists, odds are they will find some way to move further off the reservation. Some manufactured hit on financial confidence (a species already long extinct) perhaps will be the order of the day once we are in the dead of winter. That more immediate hit yesterday I was thinking likely rather appears to have been averted for the moment.

Of course, with aid of paid promoters of the most incredible modern fantasies in which are claimed the banking system's solvency and the economy's "recovery," the groundwork is laid for the kind of market fluctuations we have been thinking likely going into early next year. That view projects major indexes presently are in the midst of forming the 4th wave of 5 waves up from early-June 2012 bottom.This outlook remains intact.

Within the framework of the view projecting a 4th wave is in the midst of forming, one of the sub-waves of this 4th wave is seen unfolding in 5-wave fashion off last Wednesday's low (October 9th). Of these 5 waves it appears 4 have completed and the 5th is very near completion.

Once this sub-wave forming off last Wednesday's low is completed, a hard turn down still can be anticipated. The likes we expect to have an effect that is typical in formation of 5 waves higher. To wit, we should see technical weakening coinciding with ongoing formation of the 4th wave of 5 waves higher from early-June 2012 bottom. This technical weakening will be in contrast to coincident readings of various measures registered during formation of the 2nd wave, which bottomed mid-November 2012.

By some measures we have already seen this technical weakening. Yet by others we have not. For example, take index RSI and MACD. These we can expect to fall below levels reached in November 2012 as the currently unfolding 4th wave develops.

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