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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Catalyst Goes To Congress

Following NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander's appearance before Congress today there simply is no need to wonder whether we should believe intelligence agencies otherwise paid to lie. The NSA director's claim that, news media reports about spying in France, Spain and Italy are "completely false" for all intents and purposes can be taken at face value. The intended damage is done and a political rift among protagonists caged by a hopelessly insolvent trans-Atlantic banking system is opened wide. So, rather than Italy evidently being isolated for an imminent attack aiming to weaken it economically and politically, all three apparently are being targeted, possibly with Spain's disintegration paving the way for the others.

As ever, there is in all probability more than just one objective behind this Venetian intrigue exploiting the emotionally charged issue of privacy. We see something of the push to destroy the U.S. dollar reserve system in this seeding of distrust among protagonists whose banking system's are founded upon it. Britain's Neil Clark evidently has been tasked to hasten this intention behind a mask pretending London serves as but a U.S. proxy promoting American intrigues on the European continent. This, he argues, is why the U.K's drive to leave the E.U. should be seen a good thing for Europe. It is not at all difficult to imagine here, though, how in the mix of what Clark is stirring might come a new dynamic, wherein crisis unleashed could lead hot money flows to London rather than New York. We will be eying the fortunes of those in the U.K. feeding on Clark's sentiment in effort to stimulate trust in Britain's financial haven.

We might take a step back for a moment, though, and ponder whether destruction of the U.S. dollar reserve system—how ever certain is this eventuality given extraordinary vulnerability the present Ponzi dynamic propping it up bakes in—could be a work-in-progress whose climax still might be some years off.

Here we would be looking at the vicinity of the year 2021 before major indexes bottom within ranges last seen in the 1987-1994 period. Depicted above is a prospective, upcoming setback initiating a new phase of the U.S. dollar reserve system's inevitable demise (all things remaining equally bankrupt as they are right now, likely evolving to become even more so at that). Following the bounce I have drawn would come Titanic's slipping below the waterline, so to speak, sometime later this decade.

We need not imagine what circumstance—what "catalyst"—might precipitate the market's initial setback projected above. There is more than enough vulnerability whose imminent fruition could get 'er done. An out-of-control national security state owned by a European-based, Venetian-modeled oligarchy and operated by the London-New York Axis of Fraud is the bigger worry on this account (shall we add today's "victim" Frankfurt, a la Merkel the spook juke, as it too is a witting advocate of imperial finance?). Its ever present drive to promote a perpetual state of war is the calling card whose arrival we rightly should fear. Now, "Saudi suicide" might deliver the right kind of chaos needed to kill several birds with one stone. At the top of the list, of course, and as ever, is freedom. All the better, too, if this truth should continue going unacknowledged, much as has been the case over the entirety of the post-Bretton Woods period. There is nothing like an economic squeeze for raising rage and motivating warfare, particularly when its victims are too stupid to see their freedom being stolen.

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