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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

@AP Tweets al Qaeda

Evidently, either someone wanted to test how brave is the face put on by the bankrupt Axis of Fraud following last week's death threat, or the hack of AP's twitter account exposes a Wikileaks-like CIA limited hangout today serving the Patsy Protection Team in hope of keeping all eyes fixed on al Qaeda in Iran (LOL! Those Ivy Leaguers say the funniest things when they're kissing Venetian butt! Wait a minute... Maybe Assad just dropped some laughing gas outside my window... LMAO!).

This afternoon's excitement kind of makes laughable "intelligence" culled from social media, as anything about anything evidently is easily planted. Then again, another not so veiled death threat coming so soon after last week's raises concern that, maybe third time won't be a charm. Things certainly are moving fast.

We have a conflict here, too. On one hand there's reason to believe the 4th and 5th waves of 5 waves up from last Thursday's bottom are still to form. On the other hand, $CPC and $VIX give every appearance the market is at risk of coming under pressure in a manner likely taking out last Thursday's low.

Yet the faint heart the Axis of Fraud displayed upon today's @AP tweet to al Qaeda's leadership might prove more problematic than relief over this evidently being a "ruse" otherwise appears to suggest...

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