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Friday, April 12, 2013

"No One Saw It Coming"

Well, with further cuts in NASA's budget forthcoming per the Shadow Greek Prime Minister's budget proposal submitted to Congress this week, evidently all hope of discovering benevolent life on Mars willing to backstop trapped and, all things remaining unchanged, hopelessly insolvent lenders of last resort burdening planet earth has been abandoned, thereby likely explaining today's terrible throttling of spot gold and silver markets. You see, with the path forward recently revealed in Cyprus clearly set to feature broad daylight theft of bank deposits, non-performing memorabilia of a bygone era when Venice on the Thames was something more substantial than an insolvent wreck precariously backed by the nuclear might of its renegade cousin simply has very little use in today's fantasy-filled world enamored with the trickery of well-dressed criminals masquerading as "leaders," particularly as precious metals neither can be eaten nor stand up to the task of somehow equitably backing a gigantic mountain of unpayable claims choking the global banking system—this, of course, being the consequence of the intentional demolition of Adam Smith's Leveraged Ponzi Scheme back in 2008.

Meanwhile Team [Fraud] players put their overpriced Ivy League education to "work" in the U.S. Congress with a deceitful brand of British black magic venturing to pave the way for pending bank deposit theft in the U.S. through legislation masking the crime behind their initiative seeking to break up the nation's "too big to fail" masters of zero due diligence. Just how a massive mountain of derivatives exposure these institutions shoulder might fare in such a downsizing leaving these liabilities suddenly naked—unbacked—is hardly a mystery when one considers the "resolution authority" already built into Dodd-Frank. Already a well-established fact is that no one, but no one, has any handle whatsoever on what is the banking system's derivatives exposure. Last year's JPM "London whale" debacle shed a lot of light on this dirty little secret. Conveniently enough, though, this unknown sets up well for the Jamie Dimon, "no one saw it coming" disease to spread like the plague in Congress once the feces hits the fan following passage of legislation to "break up" today's titans of tyranny, effectively turning them into more manageable conduits of deposit theft. Lord knows "contagion" infecting derivatives markets cannot be permitted, as this could precipitate a chain reaction collapse of the entire global banking system. So to prevent this will require Dodd-Frank's resolution authority and this is where bank deposit theft is likely to enter stage left. "No one saw it coming," criminal accomplices in Congress will sheepishly bellow like the lying lemmings they are paid to be. Just watch.

Now, why all of a sudden this drive to break up big money center bank holding companies in the U.S.? Before we answer this we should recall Count Draghi-ula last year claiming he will do "whatever it takes" to save the euro. A lot of people still cite this verbal line in the sand, naked any meaningful action, as reason behind the subsequent stabilization of the European banking system. Yet are we really to believe backing the Count's crazy bravado there exists credible substance paving the way for maintaining the trans-Atlantic banking system's status quo of the past few decades? One might think by the unanimity of agreement Draghi's "intervention" to "save" the euro in fact has "succeeded," that the Troika has some reasonable, workable scheme. Yet to such confused souls who believe in what otherwise is sheer fantasy we have a bridge to sell. It's in Cyprus.

Save the euro? No! Smash the euro-zone plainly is the plan. Team Fraud aims to create a climate of divisive political conflict and redraw the map of the European continent, fostering a new generation of vile troublemakers banging at resource-rich Russia's door. That's where Europe is heading. Every last financial policy initiative and political intrigue we have witnessed since 2008 points in this direction. Save the euro? Hardly! Rather consolidate the framework wherein the offshore derivatives casino run by Venice on the Thames still can flourish. That's what's being "saved" by Draghi and his crew of unrequited euro-fascists.

Today's accelerating movement to break up mega money center banks in the U.S. is driven by this same objective aiming to foster economic isolation and political disunity under the guise of "saving the system." Steep markdown of physical assets (including the human kind) sure to result from chaos cultivated in this break up could set up well for consolidating a supra-national banking dictatorship run out of major money centers of the trans-Atlantic. Likewise, but further prostrating before an imperial tyranny the constitutional republic that is the United States might better be regarded no trivial consequence of chaos about to go down. All the better would the London-New York Axis of Fraud be served were even another Civil War fostered amidst coming contraction and unimaginable destitution about to plague the United States, itself. The useful idiot masquerading as U.S. President we otherwise disdainfully call our Shadow Greek Prime Minister, Atillos, does his devious part psychologically conditioning the idiots who believe he's qualified for office, this by presenting himself the last unfreed slave in America: the whipping boy of imperial finance demanding budgets at every level of government be slashed. A U.S. president truly fit for office rather would be pushing a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax in an effort to ameliorate the U.S. federal government's acute revenue problem, this being at a sixty year low relative to the nation's GDP. Likewise, a Congress possessing even the slightest semblance of sensitivity toward the nation's unique role in world history as a bastion against imperial tyranny would be nationalizing the Federal Reserve, effectively turning it into a Hamiltonian national bank, while sending the U.S. banking system through its long overdue Glass-Steagall reorganization.

It's doubtful America's so-called political leaders perceive in the least how they are being played. The same might be said of Germany's political leaders, too. Certain useful cultural biases are being exploited in an inexorable push toward supra-national banking dictatorship directed from without—outside all venues offering credible political representation. Starting in 2008 was the most difficult phase of transition from sovereign supremacy to an undiscriminating, miserable slavery before an imperial thief initiated. As I have said before, 2008 was the beginning of sorrows, not their end. Now, the most upsetting, and seemingly irreversible phase in the transition is likely upon us. Cyprus might best be seen signaling this. A broad daylight heist of bank deposits certainly would seem entirely unnecessary, and indeed blatantly criminal, were not the trans-Atlantic banking system at the precipice of chaotic convulsion threatening its utter collapse. Meanwhile lemmings in Congress only confirm something entirely nasty—largely undiscerned—probably is afoot. There has been plenty of time since '08 to carefully downsize "too big to fail" titans of tyranny. Why now? My guess is this is how the Cyprus template is going to be applied in the U.S., and it will occur in a climate of sheer terror. That path of least resistance is tried and tested.

So, we should keep our eyes fixed on Spain and Italy. There is where political vacuums making for a "Lehman moment" have been well cultivated these past five years. From crisis failing effective containment capable of forestalling the spread of contagion that otherwise still threaten to further decimate confidence are conditions making for a stock market collapse taking out March '09 bottom like it wasn't even there set to most unexpectedly appear, and this at any moment. We might do well here to recall the evolution of lender of last resort response over the duration from the collapse of Bear Stearns in March 2008 to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September. A certain resignation adopted by government authorities and banking system regulators alike effectively had been instilled as a result of a rather contentious discourse that had developed over the interim. We have seen much the same contention in the divide between the ECB and the German Bundesbank over recent years. This, too, is making for a like response in resignation, now that the EMU's insolvency evidently can no longer be papered over to any lasting effect (this conclusion proceeding from what was done to tiny Cyprus, of course).

Those who today work on Wall Street might take a moment to think about their colleagues who once were employed by Bear Stearns or Lehman Brothers. They're not the last to be thrown on the human scrap heap on account of the trap lower Manhattan has been lured into by Venice on the Thames. The time for Americans to boldly assert their tradition has come. Mouthpieces of imperial Britain are better rejected. In other words, turn off the TV and radio, stop reading newspapers, and realize, if your internet is not challenging mainstream thinking and condemning it when this is deserved, then you're not on the internet.

There positively is no reason the business of business in the United States should not be booming. As I have said many times before, there is more work to be done than you can shake a stick at. Yet in the mainstream are only the echoes of those who call for contraction inviting destitution. It's time everyone face the fact the problem isn't government. Rather it's subversion running straight from the Ivy League right up to a president who just can't seem to shake the curse of slavery...

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