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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fed & WM: A Match Made in Refuse Heaven

How can I resist Jim O'Neil's suggestion the Fed start buying equities? Maybe the Capo should begin the binge taking on a boat load of Waste Management. I mean, seeing he is so big on transparency. Then, once and for all the world will be positively certain central banks have become one giant garbage dump.

Well, one thing we did learn today is the CBOE pretty much is useless to those insolvent collectors of toxic waste in their ongoing efforts to paper over their mess. Exchange traded options evidently play no meaningful part in the game of make believe pretending the stench coming from the banking system is no longer detectable. There positively was no discernible impact of the CBOE's failure to open for some hours today. Whether an act of cyber terrorism was behind this is anyone's guess, yet this possibility certainly should not be discounted in the present environment, even if only providing "cover" for other threats far more substantial.

Now, as it is not difficult to imagine circumstance blurring intentions behind discrete actions we are given to ponder these days, probably the most fruitful analytical perspective gleaned from geopolitical affairs simply revolves around whether events serve to fortify the productive potential underlying a system of sovereign nation states or do they compromise this potential. Obviously, affairs that push toward instability and war further the latter cause, while, ominously, we find no shortage of such threats in our contemporary experience.

Europe is a mess and no promise of lower rates from the ECB is likely to indefinitely postpone chaos of an uncontrollable sort. Team Fraud in fact has been gunning for this all along. The race to the top pitting a ballooning, unpayable debt against a growing supply of unemployed labor is certain to see one of these break the tape at a fast approaching finish line, and thereafter will the laws of gravity likely be rewritten by the trans-Atlantic banking system's subsequent collapse in a reverse race to the bottom.

Of course, Europe is just one of the more established demonstrations of how "all things are not what they seem." In light of last week's intelligence failures the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, too, might rightly be cast in a new light, as well. Thus, with the count of known U.S. intelligence failures in the recent period now three we really must wonder how the nation spending the kind of money on its defense and intelligence as does the United States could suck so badly at it.

Furthermore, more Americans should be asking why the U.S. any longer would allow the hopelessly bankrupt British and French to lead the way further down the road of self-imposed marginalization whose effect is bringing shameful embarrassment on the home front. Why not instead entertain the possibility of parking our nuclear-armed submarine fleet in the English Channel while debating which capital—London or Paris—we should turn into a parking lot? Why not consider both worthy targets for that matter?

Mind you, these questions are asked tongue-in-cheek begging only leadership willing to assert uniquely American principle whose cause is the ultimate "responsibility to protect." This principle is most eloquently spoken in that single sentence forming the U.S. Constitution's preamble. On every last count the U.S. political establishment is miserably failing to uphold the sum of humanist principle laid forth there. On every last count failing.

I am not on board with Tarpley's view that, last week's events are part of a "strategy of tension." The foremost question defying his conclusion is what dissent to austerity is this "strategy" targeting? There is none to speak of. Rather, we might better perceive Venetian intrigues aiming to put Russia in the cross hairs. Today we find last week's seeming death threat issued against President Obama, this extending to those intellectual backers of his administration's imperial policy haling from the Ivy League—a threat only heightened by this week's "hacked" @AP tweet—subsequently has been followed by a mystifying deafness to this seeming threat presented in the form of escalating tensions levied upon Syria. This disconnect rather starkly suggests any "message" sent last week more likely was pure cover for what otherwise is an "all things are not what they seem" ordeal. Not a "false flag," but rather a far more devious deception.

U.S. intelligence is being played like a fiddle. As best as we might decipher, the concert began moving toward its crescendo last September. Yet not until the United States makes a decisive break from Britain and France will the oligarchs-gone-wild show be canceled.

Herein, too, resides most credible threat a reign of terror soon could visit the greater Wall Street community, this even if the necessary break only is hastened. When cracks in a dam appear risk of a deluge is elevated. To be sure the flood need not be bloody, yet metaphorically, bring "blood in the street" where there is much blood to be given, and this to survive, seeing clearly how posterity intends keeping the body alive.

Now, it more or less goes without saying the state in which Wall Street presently finds itself rather makes many in the community fairly "expendable." Indeed, we might say today's rather uneventful failure at the CBOE confirms this conclusion. Yet a self-imposed vulnerability made only more threatening by such witting dupes as Fed chairman Bernanke and former U.S. Treasury Secretaries Geithner and Paulson, specifically, as well as supporters of the "bailout" regime more generally should not be thought sealing a fate doomed to suffer unimaginable terror, if only in destitution. There remain face-saving ways out, how ever short is time left to commit the about-face needed.

Poorly advised are we to expect Ivy League leadership. Yet worthy is plea for its American faction to man proven engines of liberty our constitutional republic affords. Bring back the national bank and the Hamiltonian system of credit. Rally the entire English-speaking world to our form of government once this is achieved. Make this an English culture-defining moment, insisting on constitutional republic, showing how there's much to gain for and from an aristocracy whose fellow countrymen loudly dissented to the very same disease currently afflicting the United States, doing this in song taken from "The Wizard of Oz" which was made popular following the recent death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher: "Ding-dong, the Witch Is Dead!" That's how bad it is right now! This is like taking candy from a child, really. So, why isn't the Ivy League pitching Scotland become the 51st state in the union? The Scots can't stand the place either! Pity these find the Ivy League unprincipled and weak. Physician, heal thyself!

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