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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Counting Down to Mega Bank Runs

Here's something confirming the fact garbage is trading on the New York Stock Exchange and the only thing sustaining its wildly mispriced valuation is selling restraint exercised by trapped weak hands...


Are you kidding? Much to Capo Confetti's chagrin, no doubt, not even the virtual certainty of an expanding attack on depositors throughout the trans-Atlantic banking system is serving to chase scarce capital into trash traded on the NYSE at a rate sufficient to expand new 52-week highs in a manner commensurate with a NYSE Composite Index registering its highest print since March '09 bottom. We only see garbage believed the prettiest continues diminishing, while having yet to even once exceed its fairly muted peak of September 2012. Just pathetic!

And while we're on the subject of pathetic, take a look at today's NYSE advance-decline differential. This explains the disparity of NYSE-listed issues hitting new 52-week highs today to be sure. So, the secondary question is whether the certainty of Team Fraud's theft of banking system deposits is effectively restraining any wholesale dumping of equities, while the primary question is how long before pretty much every idiot on the planet figures out nothing—not even insured bank deposits—is safe, thus precipitating bank runs dwarfing those of the early 1930s?

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