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Friday, April 26, 2013

Venetian Intrigues 2013

Let's quickly review the geopolitical situation. Whether the discerned message behind extraordinary events we have witnessed reveals the legitimate object of each given act ought not distract from who are their most likely author. This antagonist, indeed, an otherwise reasonably perceived culprit in fact helps better identify. In other words, the author of events seeming the most likely, given appearances, rather points responsibility elsewhere.

We are hard-pressed to identify an extraordinary geopolitical event over the recent period whose authorship could not be fairly assigned to Russia. From Benghazi, to Newtown, then to last week's events, we find motive guiding a conclusion that, some element of Russian intelligence services very well could have been behind these. Yet in the scheme of associated affairs accompanying each intrigue is obfuscation whose effect points responsibility in a different direction. Venetian machinations rather plainly appear behind these in their entirety.

Those most likely responsible are among elements long working to destroy the system of sovereign nation states (the United States in particular) who now are racing to blow up a world that has been led into the trap that is today's woefully insolvent, global monetarist system. We should have no doubt this end raising social instability and rapidly increasing material want, indeed, was intended. Little wonder, really, intrigues aiming to pit the United States against Russia are being intensely cultivated, increasingly feeding political conflict over the past decade, and especially over the past year. This policy, likewise intentional, if nothing else rather exposes physical reality that, the trap we have been led into simply cannot be held open indefinitely. Its springing likely but awaits circumstance raising desired conflict's inevitability. Intrigues today centering on Southwest Asia very well could mark the final destination before the trap finally is sprung, and this in the midst of accompanying machinations unlike anything we have experienced thus far.

Heightened chatter we have been treated to lately, hyping risk of nuclear conflict (North Korea) and chemical warfare (Syria) could shed light on Boston's lock down last Friday, too. Lame "leadership" acting to legitimize itself, among other purposes, simply might have been seeking its own fortification. Yet the very existence of such frightening, vile chatter, along with intrigues exposing our present vulnerability to unimaginable risks—these played up to the hilt—rather lay bare our so-called leadership's profound illegitimacy. These pricks are off the reservation. A so-called "strategy of tension" we are given to endure as a consequence of their ineptness brightly spotlights this conclusion. Positively no redemption is forthcoming in precautionary responses to the very real threat that, assets groomed by moles embedded in domestic intelligence services could go rogue. The U.S. political establishment is as bankrupt as Wall Street right now.

Just look at how disgustingly lame has been the U.S. response to Europe's accelerating spiral into the abyss. There's no concern for the general welfare of Europe because there's no concern for the general welfare of American citizens. We are thoroughly subverted, and it stands to reason that, a political class finding it increasingly difficult to manage an incredible game of make believe should find fantasy's dissent seeking truth facilitating a monumental lie's perpetuation. Oligarchy is the disease—the Venetian plague—at the root of today's profound vulnerability threatening our world with chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.

Appreciating this threat, too, we come to realize how trivial is capacity to discern risk hanging over the stock market employing that brand of technical analysis we do here. Yet being as we find noteworthy technical concurrence that, a great financial shock making 2008's look like a walk in the park lies entirely within the realm of possibility being illuminated by our present day's affairs, we should find begging as a result something more than possession of mere financial acumen. Were we remiss in this recognition, then how could today's misguided gold bugs and survivalists more generally rightly be thought representing a lesser quality of humanity? Thus our affinity here for effective remedial policy, historically proven, whose advocacy more or less finds the Ivy League out to lunch.

Yesterday's tongue-in-cheek political recipe begging an about-face in U.S. relations with Britain and France, how ever fanciful this possibility, still projects chaos of a similar sort which, like everything else of late, could be readily assigned to Russian motives, particularly were provocations against its interests to continue unabated, as seems abundantly likely now with this week's ratcheting of tensions targeting Syria. This is the larger pit into which we are being led by what is best seen a supra-national, Venetian modeled consortium—the global banking dictatorship. Yet the error of Congress failing to clean house following 2008's debacle no more animates this group than seals its fate in intrigue. This much we can be fairly sure of, although just how the dominoes might fall remains unclear.

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