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Friday, March 15, 2013

Shark Feeding Frenzy In Chum-Rich Waters

The alignment of technical measures signaling an elevated likelihood the stock market is on the verge of turning lower adds yet another foreboding configuration to its constellation...


Here we see an ominously poised NYSE Bullish Percent Index whose recent past presents negative technical circumstance yet furthering that foreboding evidence exposed here earlier this week.

First was pain at the pump. Then, transmitters of the euro disease. And, finally, Daddy Dow turned safe haven (relatively speaking). All present evidence warning of trouble ahead.

We probably should not take this lightly, particularly as serious difficulty is a view forward generally off the radar of those participating in the cheerleading competition at CNBC and Bloomberg. All the more, especially, with everyone and yo momma donning shark teeth and bloodying the water exposing the flesh of the derivatives king, J.P. Morgan Chase.

Let the feeding frenzy begin! Now, what do you suppose odds are the chief U.S. patron of Venice on the Thames is just going to lie down and be ripped apart without so much as reacting in a manner threatening to drag down the rest of its kind with it?

We might also file the attack on  JPM under "all things are not what they seem." After all, Europe is not passively lying down to the destruction of sovereign institutions that exist to fortify the social fabric of nation states among the European community at large. Nor is the U.S. for that matter. This while Venice on the Thames ceaselessly brutalizes its captive subjects on the theory money is a better arbiter of a society's viability than is manifesting principles reflecting on the human condition, such as are eloquently elaborated in the U.S. Constitution's Preamble. What better way, then, to further blind acquiescence to virtual color revolutions becoming increasingly popular these days? These veritably feed on chaos the likes of which J.P. Morgan Chase now is well-positioned to detonate.

"Change you can believe" in the U.S. was our virtual color revolution, and yet only a weak, shadow Greek Prime Minister all too favorable to an imperialist agenda has come of it. While this U.S. President ventures a "grand bargain" seeking savage cuts in government whose claimed necessity fails honest assessment of circumstance underlying its cause—the utter bankruptcy of the imperial system of globalization under which the United States over the past forty years has been transformed from the world's richest creditor nation to its most wretched, morally vanquished debtor shouldering an impossible burden—resistance to this sellout only increases, virtually immobilizing its chief political patrons on both sides of the aisle, making the U.S. federal government a literal paper tiger whose capacity to exercise any real power promoting stability is standing on legs shown to be increasingly weakened. In other words, perfectly poised for destruction, with J.P. Morgan Chase providing a means to kneecap Ivy League sellouts who wouldn't know Alexander Hamilton from a Hamilton Beach toaster (not to mention a citizenry who wouldn't know a fascist from a fudgsicle), and send the U.S. into a chaotic, downward spiral of ungovernability.

In Italy we have the politics of attrition and attendant chaos wrapped up in the 5-Star Movement of Beppe Grillo, the union smashing, wage gouging, anti-investment, proto-fascist archetype around which another abused republic's citizens foolishly seek "change" whose only likely outcome will usher their own destruction. Ron Paul's hippie brother is no more well-suited to represent Italian interests than are any of the leading members of both major U.S. political parties. All are inept marionettes of supranational, imperial empire whose intellectual home base is Venice on the Thames. What these say is of no consequence. Rather what these do reveal their true colors. All promote chaos whose end more or less serves the modern day manifestation of an oligarchical system whose origins date back to the Roman Empire.

What bankrupt oligarchs whose patronage belongs to Venice on the Thames won't do to steal their way back to solvency is anyone's guess. They'll sacrifice their own to be sure, if one step back makes more certain two steps forward in some desired direction, with 9/11 certainly standing an extraordinarily vivid display of this principle in practice. Maybe the same will be said about J.P. Morgan Chase one day soon, as well, should its demise in fact be intended...

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