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Friday, March 22, 2013

Don Fanucci Starring in July 3, 1776 Redux

The stupidity and cowardice of Europeans these days certainly provides insight into the boldness of those American forbears who brought forth a Declaration of Independence, successfully prosecuting the Revolutionary War and forming a more perfect Union giving federal authorities ultimate power over credit: a capacity constitutionally formulated in the highest law of the land. How easily could a tiny nation state like Cyprus learn from American history and solve their national crisis made onerous by a modern day manifestation of the very same sleazy imperial scam the colonial United States was up against. This would be the act of a "Young Corleone" against a feared "Don Fanucci" who otherwise is a weak and pathetic being, with the role of the "Don" being played by the London-New York Axis of Fraud whose capo among "buttons" is Germany. The "familia" so weak.

It's only a matter of time before one nation among the EMU forms a national bank issuing a [religiously controlled and protected] currency pegged to the euro whose purpose is to buy sovereign-related debt securities solely dedicated to productive investment in the physical economy: a Hamiltonian bank—that is investment whose capacity opens the door to wealth's perpetual, sound leveraging—while simultaneously reorganizing its national banking system's euro-denominated assets and liabilities, come what may to bondholders in the write down, and recapitalizing these banks, soundly reorganized on Glass-Steagall lines, using the new, euro-pegged national currency. It's only a matter of time. There's only so much extortion a man can take, no matter how "weak" he is perceived to be. This is the very nature of a social order that is predestined toward "united states."

Indeed, should Cyprus move in this direction and further bolster the credibility of its action drawing in capital from a foreign ally (Russia) whose production based wealth (protected by nuclear armaments) is given favorable treatment in deposit with its newly formed national banking system, the British Pound and the U.S. Dollar—both imperial currencies promoting fraud and theft in a system virtually enslaving labor (globalization)—would immediately be sent into a dizzying tailspin, as every member of the EMU would by necessity be forced to follow "Young Corleone" Cyprus' lead, thereby strengthening the euro in the process. Just how corrupt and intellectually bankrupt is the Ivy League will be more or less widely known soon after.

That's where we're headed. We're at the door right now. There aren't any small nation states remaining in the EMU which to further swindle. All that remain are big players whose populations face the same fate as Greece, Ireland, Portugal and now Cyprus.

Although Spain and Italy likewise might seem easy plunder for imperial robbery, trouble is fascism it breeds has a bad name in these places and not even Ron Paul's hippie brother Beppe could succeed overcoming this fact. Indeed, the same technology elevating the "social phenomenon" that is Beppe Grillo is likely to bring about his demise, as well, thereby saving Milan another ugly scene at an Esso station.

And don't for a minute think this reality is escaping perception of those who might allocate capital to equities. No one but the most oblivious sucker is eying this garbage! Today's volume on a day, start to finish, positive was among the lowest of the year. NYSE advances versus declines yet another graphic presentation of the word "pathetic" in action. Nobody of consequence really wants any piece of this! It's that simple. Bankrupt weak hands can forestall their forced exit and work a broken price discovery mechanism for as long as no challenge is brought to the illusion of the banking system's solvency. Yet a challenge to this fantasy is fast approaching. Don Fanucci is being stalked, even now. Have no doubt about this, for the market's technical state bears testimony! Whether taken out completely or just further weakened in the lead up to this inevitability, the trans-Atlantic banking system, vividly exposed yet again a gigantic mountain of garbage (this by way of Cyprus' brutal extortion—the very necessity of it), in its present state only appears ever nearer chaotic convulsion, and quite possibly the end of the line in fact...

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