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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Young Corleone Stalking Fanucci

The only open question looking straight ahead is whether selling will intensify Friday or early next week. Yesterday's garbage bidders bitten are today's dip buyers twice shy.

Wrapped in this imminent setback should be better insight into how bankrupt connoisseurs of chaos are making out with their euro-swindle. We can be fairly certain like any schoolyard bully it is only a matter of time before some dweeb delivers a blow right on the button. Down go the dons of bank deposit skim. Oh yeah, unimpeachable credibility tarnished in a scam only revealing the depths of the trans-Atlantic banking system's insolvency has some young Corleone eying the brazen Don Fanucci's end. Make no mistake about it.

You know, to every rule there is an exception. We might be looking at the exception to "they never ring a bell when it comes time to sell." This Cyprus swindle is just off the charts.

Negative technical divergences occurring at both February and March peaks, while both RSI (top panel) and MACD (bottom), albeit decidedly deteriorating, still remain to the positive side of their respective ranges finds technical circumstance conducive to caging a bit more dumb money before the ultimate culling commences. Chances are the "buy the dips" mantra is about to get a workout, likely with volatility increasing in both directions.

Whether 5 waves up from mid-November 2012 are but one 5th wave of a 5th wave away from completion, or whether the 4th wave of these 5 up from November currently continues to unfold is uncertain. Keep an eye on February 28's intra-day peak. If this is violated during any imminent setback, then the latter likelihood (a 4th wave currently unfolding) increases, and becomes all the more certain if the intra-day low of February 26th likewise is taken out.

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