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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Meet Marvin the Martian as Technical Analyst

Relentlessly does the market's technical state confirm my negative outlook and, indeed, pointedly suggest we are at the doorstep of doom...

NYSE McClellan

Abounding underlying weakness evidenced by all manner of persistent divergence amidst the market's enduring levitation humbly gives rise to an annoyed sense of things making me feel like this guy...

If something nasty should happen over days ahead, I might regret having taken the liberty of this humor at a time when risk of an "earth shattering kaboom" must be thought elevated in light of all that plainly is at stake at an hour when a U.S. Treasury Secretary must be whisked off to a European continent whose financial institutions have been bankrupt by way of the lure of "creative finance" cooked up by America's "best and brightest" (a.k.a. "talent") in partnership with a shadier side of the English language just off the coast of France. Although it might be said Mr. Geithner is acting to protect the U.S. Treasury and defend the U.S. dollar, his haste certainly raises the question of whether he likewise is exposing the nation's vulnerability to Phase Three of a prospective act of "financial terrorism."

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