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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Team Fraud v. German History

Just think. All the bankrupt pricks need do is step away, let a great mass of wildly overvalued crap fall of its own weight, then squeeze the encouraged shorts that a few more "global recovery" suckers might take the bait, and willingly feed the capital needs of these many hopelessly insolvent enterprises who could not offload equity positions fast enough even if they had another ten years for which to do so — those TBTF's whose continued life is but one run away from extinction.

Yet the problem today is few suckers with a dime to spare remain. Apparently, they are all in, and as ready as they will ever be for the Great Fleecing ahead...

NYSE 5-min

It hardly seems relative strength could be so thoroughly crushed as has occurred twice over the past week were there, indeed, a genuine bid from deep pockets underlying the market's move higher over the past two weeks. Today's instance of this no doubt came at some expense, too, as the standard, pre-market, CME jam job proved a miserable failure at the open, requiring the bankrupt pricks running this show to put up more juice than might be desired at this late hour in their walk to the gallows.

As I hinted last week, I do not believe Germany and Japan will find it much longer politically expedient to continue falling prey to the London-Wall Street axis of fraud too thick for a Congress of jellyfish. Indeed, those in Germany who wisely would make a break from the Euro in fear of a November 1923 repeat must be perceiving the rise of the Greens as but another warning that their greatest fears are on course to being realized. Of course, these are matters purposely obscured in the land of the fraud, home of the deceived. Yet maybe somewhat better discerned are game changing prospects seen in the context of wealth's accelerating movement toward the drain...


As you can see, the German DAX is further along in its descent from last month's peak than are major indexes here in the U.S.

As you can see, too, although the worst technical readings for the moment perhaps have been registered, there likely remains a process of forming a bottom yet to develop whose result could clobber the DAX further. This likely would coincide here in the U.S. with yesterday's view wherein the market's anticipated crash is delayed for some weeks, and this despite expecting considerable, near-term pressure.

One thing to consider in close examination is the manner in which the German DAX's downward momentum cratered once its measure (bottom panel) turned negative a couple weeks back. This condition is not one likely to precede a quick and lasting reversal. Rather a quick reversal (such as has occurred) followed by disappointment in forming a bottom is the more likely outcome. Thus, a technical view from the other side of the world substantiates my outlook here in the U.S. anticipating considerable downward pressure over days ahead (challenging respective 200-day moving averages).

Likewise, with Team Fraud's capital needs being immense, and with this need hitting up no lilliputian Brazil or India, but rather a major industrial power with a history of hard lessons learned at the alter of fascism (albeit a more brutal form than today's swindling, smiling and winking kind), it appears momentous decisions today receiving no attention have a very high probability of soon becoming the talk of the town. It is then markets across the globe are likely to be crashing...

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