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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Financial Terrorism Alert

Did you see this? A newly released report says state or terrorist groups used a series of targeted financial attacks to trigger the collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008. This is according to Kevin Freeman of Cross Consulting and Services who authored the report...

Here's Freeman's report...

Per the "bogeys" Freeman cites, one wonders whether these are fingered only to evince a mainstream hearing of his thesis. Indeed, the first act of financial terrorism thought possibly perpetrated by "state or terrorist groups" — deliberate inflation of oil prices starting in 2007 — begs consideration of capacity that, China, Libya, Venezuela or Islamic jihadists possess in order to pull off such a thing. Indeed, were there even a whiff of such complicity among these entities, surely we would have heard about it long before now. Yet we haven't because, in fact none of these effectively possesses top-down control over oil prices. Rather, this distinction largely belongs to City of London-linked interests.

Through control imposed on oil markets over recent decades, financial interests have gained a fairly flexible capital backstop serving to support a massive, speculative credit bubble the likes of which these same interests simultaneously helped erect over the interim. Yet having now evidently reached a point at the precipice of oil pricing inflexibility — and this at a moment when no shortage of grave vulnerabilities threaten severe financial dislocation — one is left to wonder what other nefarious ends likewise are being served in spite of the presently increasing prospect of an expanding physical and financial breakdown crisis hitting the globe over weeks and months ahead. Thus, the message in Kevin Freeman's "Economic Warfare: Risk and Responses" gains a measure of credibility worth pondering.

All the more because purposely destructive ends accomplished through a targeted deployment of naked shorts and credit default swaps (CDS) — the second act of "financial terrorism" Freeman suggests was possibly executed in 2008 — no doubt indicate a still-developing conspiracy could be unfolding, one whose intellectual cover is both well-established, as well as thoroughly exposed. Were there some otherwise innocuous purpose behind 2008's attack on badly exposed, U.S. financial firms, would there have been such a concerted push for bailout and backstop of the entire mess as was rushed into being amidst the chaos? Were the ends to the means largely but consequence of misguided greed, then why not just let the whole of it fall without tying up the U.S. Treasury? What place has the home of the brave, then, for those who shudder even in the thought of conspiracy?

Indeed, by all appearances the stage is set for the third phase of the economic warfare Freeman exposes: a potential direct economic attack on the U.S. Treasury and U.S. dollar. Were it only true that, a charge of fantasy could adequately characterize such an act aiming to effectively destroy the greatest potential force capable of decisively acting on behalf of the common good! Yet effort to extinguish the very notion of sovereign nation states is well in progress following decades of subversion of national economies of every sort at the alter of the "free market."

And now the destructive parasite thoroughly infests the body that, indeed, alone gives it life. Freeman's insight, then, rather than being taken at face value, might better be seen fair warning that, certain unidentified forces are keenly aware of what is at stake, and in fact are announcing their intention to fight.

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