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Sunday, March 06, 2011

The World According to a Coke Swilling Billionaire

Here's more from Warren Buffett appearance on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday, March 2, 2011. The comments preceding each video clip below are CNBC's.

(See "The Great and Not-So-Great Warren Buffett" for my thoughts on Mr. Buffett's perspective.)

...says his company doesn't need to 'schmooze' with Wall Street or investor relations

...explains why America's 'love affair with cars' will bounce back. Would he consider buying AutoNation?

...expects an increase in aviation demand

...says that in several years demand for housing will rise

...says the United States will remain a dominant world player, but less so over time

...discusses whether he will ramp up share ownership of BYD, a Chinese electric automaker, as the company has lost some 60% from its peak in 2010

...comments on the SEC's most recent insider trading charge against former Goldman Sachs director Raj Gupta

...shares financial lessons he learned from his grandfather, insight on Berkshire's second-largest equity holding, and more

...discusses his special Fruit of the Loom tie, which he says, he wore in honor of Joe

...says he has become "more appreciative" of the railway business over the last year

...evaluates the effectiveness of the $900 million spent on advertising last year at GEICO

...expects hiring to improve in the next year. How many people will Berkshire add to its payroll?

...discusses why he is optimistic about employment and the US economy

...Mohamed El-Erian, of PIMCO, asks Warren Buffett whether he thinks high unemployment will lead to skill atrophy, expertise mismatches, and lower future productivity

...A viewer asks Warren Buffett what the impact would be if the wealthiest people in the country contributed a portion of their net wealth to the deficit

...shares his view on rapidly increasing prices paid for farmland across the country

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