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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr. Market, Meet Dan Henderson

Continuing yesterday's thought...

You might hear from time to time that, "the securitization market remains frozen." Typically, this is spoken as some afterthought, as though the securitization market is some minor component of contemporary finance.

Truth is, however, the securitization market is the lifeblood of the global financial system!

Indeed, its very dysfunction speaks loud and clear about the bankruptcy of contemporary finance, and reveals ongoing resuscitation attempts to be something like what gangsters do protecting their turf (while outsiders continue in dead, fantasy lives).

Reality, on the other hand, is like Dan Henderson, while mainstream financial fantasy is better named Michael Bisping. (Did you see UFC 100?) The knockout punch already has been thrown, while yesterday's misguided dream of glorious victory is lying out cold on the mat, awaiting but the final blow. Once its mark is landed, the sight won't be pretty.

So, post-market today, INTC reported revenues that, year-over-year are down 15%. Still, "better than expected" has the pranksters at the CME jacking the overnight futures bid. Don't fall for it.

Everything technically still suggests big trouble ahead. Merrill Lynch coming out with some report claiming "the recession is over," only stands as stark evidence Bank of America grossly overpaid. Likewise, the American university system feeding Wall Street its "talent" clearly is failing miserably at producing any discernable intelligence.

Per BAC's shotgun marriage with Merrill, more on this Thursday when mob boss Hank "Pinky" Paulson appears before Congress...

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