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Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Memory of June 30, 1934

We are afflicted by a disease more threatening than AH1N1 and more advanced than HIV. It is incompetence of the highest order. And there is but one way this can persist. Like all viruses, it must violently take hold of the host upon which it thrives. This is, in fact, only natural.

So, tonight, here is my wonder...

Who/What presently stands like Ernst Röhm? Who/What — once useful to a filthy cause (key!) — now must be disposed of, because it otherwise could threaten the halt of that long-forming, dirty trend's further ascendancy?

For that vile thing — terribly vulnerable (like Hitler early on) — it is kill or be killed, literally, because its vulnerability, indeed, has become incalculable.

Who/What (at least in principle) could contain such a beast? Who/What — were it not so afflicted with this incompetence disease — could take away that vile, dying thing's one and only ace up the sleeve? Who/What, then, does the wounded beast likely target?

In this Wall Street sub-world we inhabit as fleas (and that's all we are, folks, you and me) ... who/what for decades has been so purposely portrayed a villain ... a scoundrel ... a confounder of free markets? Who/What have most been conditioned to revile?

The question now is will the coming run on Treasury be the coffin containing the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America ... or will it rather be the nail sealing it shut within the dustbin of history?

The setup is complete. Those hallowed institutions claiming to have saved us all from Depression are in perfect alignment for complete discrediting. How better to precipitate insurrection once that which is vital — republican government —is proven terribly incompetent, once and for all?

The masses who, themselves, have been made thoroughly incompetent as well, are prepared to play their part. In this sub-world we inhabit these are the bean counters whose love of the balance sheet supersedes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Are you reading other financial/investment blogs? There's a sea of overtly fascist wannabes who are a clear and present danger...

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